Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You Can't Do Superior DPS

Mobility, high DPS, survivability. You may choose two of the three. gold for wow
If you are mobile and hard to kill, you can't do superior DPS. If you do superior DPS and are mobile, you can't have high survivability. If you are hard to kill and do high DPS, you have to stand still. Otherwise, your class is something that no other class in the game gets to be.

Warlocks, through KJC, were all three. So not only was KJC a mandatory talent, it gave warlocks an edge no one else got to enjoy. You can't be surprised it got nerfed.The line of thinking that most blows my mind is, "Don't nerf KJC, boost the other two talents." That's just making an OP class even more OP. Warlocks are still in a great place but seriously, if you've played across even one expansion line, you know that Blizz isn't going to let anyone stay that far above others for very long. buy cheap wow accounts Otherwise, all DPS would be rolling warlocks.

warlock are not top DPS though or even "OP" all 3 mage specs are higher than the highest warlock spec (demo) which is below enhancement and windwalkers and feral.Maybe in theorycrafting. But I raid a lot and I don't see that in real life. Rarely do I see a warlock in a group not leading DPS. Occasionally a well-geared, talented mage or hunter will top them, and depending on fight mechanics, an ele sham. The three you listed (enh sham, ww monk, kitty) don't even come close, especially feral, which is hamstrung for a large chunk of Throne fights because of positioning, much the same problem sub rogues have. A lot of theorycrafters base their data on fights that don't really exist anymore (i.e., Patchwerk-style fights).

Regardless, I'm not hating on warlocks for being where they are at the moment (I play one myself). But KJC gives warlocks the potential to do things no other caster class can do. If warlocks want to keep the movement, fine --WoW accounts for sale give up some raw DPS instead. But we know what reaction that would get.

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