Tuesday, December 27, 2016

FFXIV new dungeons

Then don't play. Simple. Bye. Ryan Schreiner LOL good luck finding a lot. Have considered coming back , and starting over , just was curious if there are many helpful folks still around who will group for the story quests at low levels ? I have played some f2p and have been satisfied with them. Took a break from this and tried some other things and I haven't felt the urge to jump back onto this xD hit cerberus server and you can join our fc if you want dude, sure Anne has said some details :) FFXIV Gil be nice to have you aboard should you wish to start over again.

Haha no i havent sweet:).. but @dahkoht just send me a private message:) And what game would that be? Jus got back into the game only the game freezes when logging into my character. This is on steam. Any ideas how to fix this? People on here are begging for F2P... Never. I don't personally like the items in this event... However I need to give it up to SE for being able to make so many events, prizes, updates, dungeons, area and content in general. We have SO many events every year. New years, Valentine's day, Cheap FFXIV Gil anniversary (can't remember the in game name), summer, easter, halloween, christmas, not to mention other event along the way. Not everyone is going to be an AMAZING giveaway but they do plenty. They can do all of these events and content adds thanks to a subscription. They keep it fun, updated, and I personally have seen a huge drop in Gil sellers. NEVER F2P.

Agreed, monthly subscriptions fund the quarterly patches and keep us from having to pay directly for equipment. Looking forward to renewing my sub and catching up on a year of content I missed.I wanna jump back in but I haven't played in like a year.How hard would it be to jump into this for the first time ever.   I don't have a computer set up right now so I'd probably be on ps4. Would it still be enjoyable.

 Ps4 is good if you like to play with controller. Graphic is around High setting with some frame drop in highly decorated area. Depends what kind if gamer you are if you're a casual gamer it will take along time! The main story quests in between realm reborn and havensward took me a week of nonstop playing but overall I'd say it took me 4 months over the span of a year to do (I like to enjoy other espects of the game too so I didn't focus on story non stop only that one week)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The NCSOFT Pumpkin Carving Contest is on for 2016

One of a great game ever..RISE AION! Back Cantalones children from their mother! still cant get past the ncsoft loading screen.  And the client stability, TANKED.  hey retards just close the server , you failed in everything. hey retards you just steal ppl money and you give advandage of some retards.  hey retards you want some videos of the scrubs you let them use hacks in game? This update is a new game of aion or what he more with game forge.  hey retards if i pay you few dollars i can also use hacks and bots? hey retards why you let hackers and botters play?

 Aion will die NICE Ncsoft SO once again Cheap Blade and Soul Gold , NCSoft can't seem to keep their NA servers online and when do the servers crash.....During UA siege!!! Great system administration guys.. It would be nice if the Dev team or NC West would keep us apprised as to what is going on with the DCing and horrible fluctuating PING from 50 ping to 4K ping then DC - Every player all NA Servers... a very nice update but... servers are dying from mass lag and dc´s, everyone is complaining for the same reasons, fix it pls!! its impossible to play 10 minutes withouts suffering mass lag or dc.

 i cant log in , server maintenance or what ?? Buy Blade and Soul Gold The NCSOFT Pumpkin Carving Contest is on for 2016!Can we see a picture demo of what these skins look like? You'd probably receive more applicants if everyone knew what exactly they were trying for. I looked the skin up on aion database and the eastern gothic looks like a black gothic kimono with flowers and a big ribbon in the middle and the enforcers set is the avg anime street thug look with a long foward curl hair style and the a thugish polo shirt with thin pant/sash combo.

For the love of god please put the Pumpkin Helm skins in the BCM already! >.< You guys didn't have them for the last 2 years and that truly has broken my heart. why have i not received the golden stigma?(benevolence) as a cleric healing is impossible in these instances without that stigma, i had it before and now its gone and i did not get the bag to replace it? what am i supposed to do now? just quit and start another character on another class?ou are trying to achieve..or just quit for good...i guess this is what you are trying to achieve, clerics are useless...so...what the f? fix this pls.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I have a million FFXIV Gil

What about steam's version? No discounts? Up to you. No need buy 2 also can play. First one is lvl 1-50. Second one is lvl 50-60 plus all the end game content. That's if....you can reach there. Lol.  We need plushies with discount! How shitty of you SE ... why not look after your British fellows......?? How about you discount timecards instead? We need this promo on steam pretty please. FFXIV Gil Moogle mount isn't on sale....wow. :\ Thanks. if you want to get heavensward soon lol. I may have a house or two to sell on Balmung! I got a medium one, but haven't logged on in over 3 months. I gave to my friend to hold for me, but what's your pricing range?

Would be great. You know if the mog station would update. i have so many reward points i'll never use cause the shipping for an item is 50$, wish i could use those on downloadable games, i'm not paying 50$ for an eco bag...  I'd love to log back in and pick up 14 again - but I had to change phones and theres no way to contact support without logging in and you can't log in without the security token....which I can't remove because I changed phones.Perfect if your friend is looking to get it.

 I don't understand how anyone has money to buy a house lol. I'm playing heavensward content now and only have a million Gil. Eh i've seen far worse housing in other mmo's. Cheap FFXIV Gil As for the demolition they give you constant e-mails about the time. It really is your own fault if you don't pay any attention to that... They make it pretty clear and give you plenty of warnings, even if you're too inept to look at them by your own admittance. "If I am paying regularly that should be enough" Well it's not. And the policies were put in place so people who, you know, actually PLAY the game can own their own part of the world they inhabit obviously more often than you do. These are not new terms and you didn't even end up losing it so I don't even know what your point is, stop being a whiny little bitch.

An easy fix is to just get an apartment. As far as I'm aware, you don't need to log in regularly to prevent it from being demolished. Not FC apartments, but the new apartments they implemented. Someone can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. As good as I am at interior design this isn't worth me renewing my subscription.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blade and Soul 24 man dungeons

Indeed its RNG to get the lg ss chest right from loot box, but its really rare. Most people just collect the flowers and exchange it to the NPC. It's going take a long time, but it's the easiest lg 24man raid, considering the dailies only required you to kill up to Stage 3(boss of Exterminator hp). People only do it until stage 3 (thats how it is in TW). You only do stage 5 for achievement to unlock exchange ss slot 6,7,8. While stage 6 for fun, title, etc. You can even farm the dungeon to collect the flowers. People use it for ss bonus stats, BIS only after u collect all 8.

Im using laptop i5-5200u + 840m, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I get 15-25 fps, not comfortable, but good enough to dps the turtle. Btw you dont bid ss in this raid lol, theres a rare purple chest that can drop from mobs around, but getting lg ss from it is like 1%. Vinicius Nogueira i have an i5 4690k gtx 770 desktop and i have no probpem running open world content like BW and SSP never under 30 fps without ctrl+f. Which is very playable. Fps does drop on my gtx 960m laptop tho even with ctrl+f. If you say that your 1070 is weaker than my 770 theres a big problem here.

Hmm nice!! Altho i hope some of the rarely played 24 man dungeons get a revision too. Because Zaiwei is more desolate than an actual desert. Or Nightshade harbor too. Hmm nice!! Altho i hope some of the rarely played 24 man dungeons get a revision too. Because Zaiwei is more desolate than an actual desert. Or Nightshade harbor too. Ok 24 man... Buy Blade and Soul Gold i wonder how many stages NA can finish. Lucky we have no specific mechanics in Skypetal. One serious problem i noticed is that we often have communication problem.. a.k.a Silent party.

It have pretty simple mechanics. Also NA is highly overgeared for this dungeon so, 6th stage is totally possible. You need like 700+ with good ping to beat the enrage timer of stage 6. He has 120m hp iirc. Not hard if you go look the BW in lvl 45 times... lol and BW in time is 2 lvl more than us with 90M, so, tell me why is hard beat stage 6 with actually gear...

Friday, October 28, 2016

FFXV Assassin's Creed series

 Will this video be a spoiler? I'm trying to avoid as many plot spoilers as possible! There is a crap load of video content out already! I want to experience the game when I play it. Not really a spoiler. This wont be in the game i think. Tabata hasn't confirmed either way so lol its a secret, Yes he has, the cgi won't be in the game nor this trailer, Did I just see the symbol for the Assassin's Creed series at 1:24 on that newspaper??

 I don't know why... FFXIV Gil But I have been watching this trailer almost couple of times... now it's going to be 10th xD. its too dark! so Lunafreya is going to be killed by Noctis? seriously? Assassins creed logo at 1:21 and the newspaper says London. I love this but I fear that too much may have been revealed in this trailer. Nah they say that none of this happens in the game, just a prophecy that needs to be avoided. Awesome thank you for clearing that up dude, I mean if if did happen it looks cool but what a twist! Do you know the music?  I really love the trailer, but the generic music ruins it imo.

Makes me wonder if there will be multiple endings. Buy FFXIV Gil I'm so ready for this game x_x  Luna's definitely getting killed she just flies every death flag. This trailer depicts everything i want and need Noctis to be, godlike trailer. I don't know what scared me most: if the omen or the words of king Regis... Justin Mirsch well this is probably gunna be game of the year fer sure lol Nang Lenny Marks try imak view his luna kawaa maulah barrier meaning his luna kawaa makai magic well pas in the movie his is inya balum power video check him nang.

Im curious is the game gonna be the solution to the story from the movie and anime show?  The movie and anime are jus backstories to have an idea on what's going on, this is what ends it, the ultimate fantasy. crazy how a 5 minutre cg is better then any movie in 2016. looking forward to playing this till my fingers bleed.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Revelation Online is primarily more of a PvP-oriented game

Also, Revelation Online is primarily more of a PvP-oriented game, and has less of an emphasis on PvE and character creation/customization, which are the most important to me Buy Blade and Soul Gold since I'm way more of a PvE gamer than PvP.  Hailey Miller I will definitely agree with you. I love this game in itself, the combat is great, etc, but the community of players for the most part is just absolutely horrendous! It's hard to branch out and enjoy it because of that, even if you are in a clan.

 I have to agree here. I loved everything about this game. Combat, story, especially the music and voice acting. But the players are just so salty and get triggered by anything. Ethan Tek Lewis Funny. BnS was sold en masse as a skill-based PVP game that even has its own e-sport, hence the end-game PVE suffers. Besides, there is no mention in my comment about RO.

 I still enjoy them game I am in a great clan very friendly. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I am very surprise when players freak out when I gave them some gold because they are new and one needed to buy the horn from faction so he or she could Wall Dash and told me I have to wait it costs 50 silver so I gave them 5 gold they were shock and we are still friends they even joined another guild and introduce me to their friends.

Well, I still enjoy this game because I joined a good clan. We always have dungeon runs together. For the legendary weapon, I will farm for those materials slowly. There's no need to rush. If you guys like revelation so much, then just unlike Blade and Soul and go like the Revelation and play that game on release then swap to the next mmo that fails to do everything you expect it to. Anyway, Great idea with the Pet Hunger Removal system. And being able to send more items across your account is a nice addition too. Keep up the good work!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Blade & Soul dragoncall & wingstorm

Rebecca Maldonado They drop from mushin tower, floors 14 (1 moonstone, rng) and floor 15 (1 with a chance of additional 10 or 100.) You get them from soulstone plains chests. (1, with a chance of more.)I heard you also get them from Whirlwind, but I can't confirm since I don't like to pvp. Also a chance from chests from the stores, events etc.When my ap was too low for mushin floor 15 I just bought them from market. Now I have 600 ap so I can easily farm floor 15.

Ok... rush to Awakened Python and LFP for Citadel... Blade and Soul Gold Got the guide printed. please do someting about the lag also tomorrow, it have never been this bad as it is now, if it keeps up i will simply just stop to play. Im not lagging at all. My friend either, it has to be your connection. nope i have fiber, but since last main it have been hurrible and many others i know that play have same trouble as me. Congrats. You finally killed it. Watch the rest of fans you had leave in flocks. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I don't understand for the Warlock's imprison skill. I think it's the same? It is shitty translation. Now instead of onlyone instant cast, you can cast it instantly for 6 seconds.

It's still has reset for both dragoncall & wingstorm, right? I hope they don't nerf it. ah so for example, if you have time distortion, the "instant cast" buff doesnt go away after you press it once? can we get oceanic servers/sea servers already pls? i would like to play the game again. We dont care anymore, we don't care anymore like we used to do. hello what area have restrictions? can i play this in PH? Well its Blade Master or go home.One shoting people with that fire build ftw.

Gem transmute changes, accessory upgrade cost reductions, the Ebondrake Citadel dungeon and limited-time Tower of Memory event dungeon, Spectator Mode and more are NOW LIVE! If you feel like playing Dark Souls just try out the new dungeon. The last boss will mop the floor with you. someone gift me 12 prem stones? its my birthday. thanks The Tower of Memory event dungeon challenges players level 16 and above to group together to defeat enemies from the past, and claim exceptional new rewards.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blade & Soul lvl 50 heroes

you can still use custom pic. I use the mobile screenshot in game and just move the pic to the correct folder to upload as profile pic. You, and others saying the same missed the point. It's not a "wah, I can't figure out how" post, it's that NCSoft has been making efforts to remove that as an option, and telling people that we can't, Buy Blade and Soul Gold or at least are not suppose to do so. Yet here on their own site they show the profile of someone they're promoting within the community, who is using a custom profile image.

This is even worse than that whole thing with the costume contest winner that supposedly used copyright protected art. There they could reasonably be said to have no known, that this person is using a custom profile image, and they don't allow that is something they should have known. And yet he did it for free. Perhaps You guys can sponsor him if he`s not already. For fucksake please lower down the cost of upgrading gears ???????? ( P.S please notice me )

why my wheel restart? pls fix i spend 2 day playing Blade & Soul then back from the start my wheel. Same here dude got re-rolled again back from the very start. There were several in game notices and it was in there news feed. Non premium players were not getting rewards so they fixed it, reset progress, and extended the event 2 days. Blade and Soul Gold Does this site just yell out *wear all max level stuff* as opposed to giving suggestions? Cause showing same results for my hm 8 and my level 29 toon seems a bit weird.

 Its designed for lvl 50 heroes. Sub 50s have limited gold thus limited options. Awesome community, keep it up; alright & thanks! i wonder if bns is going sea. na server is 500+ms. crickey.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

FFXIV players can become boringly OP

Well time to resub for the new warring triad and the story. Panty Seas ,,,,,,,, I like love Panty Man ..... Edi Sa Puso Mo ...... Modn Well time to resub for the new warring triad and the story. The Patch 3.4, Soul Surrender, website is live! Check back for updates as we get closer to release on September 27!

Looks interesting, but I do agree, why do we get dumped gear so often? There's not enough time to get a whole new set when one more powerful is introduced Buy FFXIV Gil....if SE spent as much time working on this new gear as they do in NEW interesting jobs...I'm am playing Black Desert Online solely because I want to play a different type of "job". Come on guys, get that 4.0 done soon.

This is weird but it is an example of people getting tired of so much pointless content. I really want to like and come back to this game but FFXIV Gil I remember the community being extremely elitist and handpicking raid compositions based entirely on class. But even that would have been forgiveable if FF14 had the same close knit community that FF11 realms often did. Have things changed?

 And yes, the gear is fucking repetitive in design. At least it's probably stronger. Which gets me back to my original point that FFXIV players can become boringly OP while keeping the spirits of not helping newcomers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blade and Soul summoner

The server merger we had a couple months, or so back just made groups of three different servers linked together to act as one, rather than being a complete merger of multiple servers, into one. I get the feeling they're hoping they'll be getting more people later on, allowing them to just unlink the servers, rather than have to add more again.

Whether that actually happens, or that they'll just have to do more mergers as the current player count trend would suggest, I couldn't say for certain. Blade and Soul Gold Although based on other servers it will be getting easier to get by in the game later on, especially if you want to play solo. Is it national or international? I cant see how it would be national. it's only national... How does that make sense? I honestly get your point lmao.

 really thank you alot for your kind information, Max :) To celebrate, you guys should give me the Cool Groove hat :D (i missed out on its sale x.x) is game fixed cause i wanna play my summoner my sf is so bad i always die : Buy Blade and Soul Gold ( not funny that i always end up raped by every mobs i do dailies. All the players would like a bonus for this special occasion :0

If by "fixed" you mean better optimization, and dealing with apparent conflicts between the game, and things on our systems causing it to perform far worse than it should for many, then no. I've yet to see them even acknowledge there is such problems, let alone give the usual "we'll let the devs know, and try to get that fixed" type response. Makes me suspect it'll never be fixed.

Monday, August 22, 2016

wait to see the next update of Blade and Soul

Roberto. like i said ..ill wait to see the next update. It might be better for the gold. will see. I do 9 dailies/day within 4-5hrs tops, that's it. I also have a job /life I don't even do ssp anymore to farm soulstones let alone farming moonstone, I just do dailies everyday which is enough (for me at least) to upgrade everything....patience is the key, you don't have to rush things, only "p2w" ppl rushes things aka lazy ppl with money. You'll get there, eventually. Just patience.

 if i rush Buy Blade and Soul Gold i would be on the top by now. lol.  I only have 2 hours to plays. anyway...i am not try to pick fight with anyone. I just feels like the cost is way too much.  Ill give this games a chance. I knew a lot of ppl stop playing. and not coming back. I do have a lot of fun with ffxiv tho. Oh btw Final Fantasy is heading to Las Vegas in Oct.

For you maybe it is a lot, and no don't have kids...not thinking about having one yet, enjoy life while you're young.. Blade and Soul Gold ..for me it is not enough, if you wanna grind things, you'll need more than just five hours but what can I do, it's all I have and happy about it, also I have patience...

I've stopped playing BnS 3 months ago for BDO, never looked back. Most of my friends left to. They all work 5-6 hours a day. They don't have five hours to grind for gold like some ppl do. I am the only one left. Lol.

Friday, August 5, 2016

MOBA games

 I think you are misunderstanding the reasoning behind team levels, Daniel Fonda. Mobas are about team play, not solo play. The issue with hero levels is that it doesn't force you to play like a team because you can just spam farm experience by yourself while not really adding anything to the team, only caring for yourself. Blade and Soul Gold That is bad moba player mentality, and it is the reason hots uses team levels. It encourages team play, and makes experience farming a team effort too.

Jesper Thuesen Props for a constructive, well worded comment (y)
Although I do have to point out, while league and moba do require solo EXP, farming and put importance on your solo play, neither of those games can be won as an individual player. At high level it does comes down to how good is a team, due to importance of objective control, rotations, map control and map pressure, wave control, etc.

The fact that you shouldn't lose a 1v1 and that you need to be able to cs, control your waves, etc. is just a baseline for a masters level player (no, not even challenger).Truth be told, MOBA games live or die based on their esports scene,Buy Blade and Soul Gold as well as how tempting it is to get really good at the game and compete on a professional level. HOTS never really appealed to the pro's or intermediate players, due to Blizzard's confusion about their own games.

If you check the trend lately, all games are being marketed as wacky and casual, while being pushed heavily into the competitive scene. Most of said games would have done better, by just focusing on one of those.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FF14 Minfilia's outfit on the Mogstation

Why are you even entertaining these geniuses? I stopped playing because the game bored me and there isn't anything really worth coming back to. I want a Seifer outfit tho. You're choices aren't effecting anyone. You're just ungrateful. Melody Mira Morris *affecting. I quit because everytime I got my relic powered up a new one was released..FFXIV Gil Making the previous one you grounded for worthless and easy for others to upgrade past you.

The atma... Jesus that still gives me nightmares lol. Matt Davidson, you should stay away then because Atma was an absolute joke compared to some of the stuff out now. got yokai watch event starting 2day so you can come ack n collect all the minions n weapons lol.

Matt Davidson So a new stage for the weapon that you have,Buy FFXIV Gil that REQUIRES the weapon you have makes it worthless? *slow clap* great logic dude. the only weapons that are stronger than a perfected Zeta is the anima and IL200+ weapons, one anima step can pretty much be skipped if you trade in your Zeta.

Minfilia's outfit on the Mogstation is like a mish-mash of a few different X-2 dress spheres, plus you get her hair as well, which is VERY Rikku-esque. If you don't feel like spending irl money, it's incredibly easy to gather clothing/armor here & there for a Rikku glamour. lol the end game sucks? its probably got the best endgame out of any current mmo. Thank you SE for providing me with a game on my ps4 that I know I can always log onto and have something to finish <3 you guys!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Blade and Soul Cerulean vs Crimson

I think this is good because there will be a lot of players be there for me when I need them. So many players left. No surprise. You never should compare weakest server with strongest one. Group 1 Windrest, Wild Springs, Highland Gate. Its gonna be like isro, gameforges aion... we will stop playing. Thats all.

What faction balance? Blade & Soul Gold On NA Mushin, it is 70+% Cerulean, maybe 30% Crimson. Nothing done so far has balanced it. This change might do it.  Patrick... on Soha Crimson dominates. Same on a few other servers. Most of the CL you see killing CO in cross server are Soha ppl. Lolll. so dis is what you guys has been looking forward to ..  this game wont last that long. Oh now that sounds very nice lol.

 yea... if all ppl. game will close, and nobody said all ppl dude! The Pistachio Dream costume is only available until July 20! Be sure to complete the Act IV story line to receive yours. Buy Blade and Soul Gold We're just 3 months left to celebrate 1st Anniversary of Silent Answer of Sea/Oce Petition! Give us some ideas to celebrate it guys! Silent? the FAQ's answered that when the game launched.

Already got it on two toons but I did not know it was limited edition =o I do like it all but would happily trade it for more story lol. Kinda a bit burnt out and wanting new dungeons. Kinda wondering when the Ebondrake dungeon will be coming.  I just wandering since the soul fighter patch was getting too long since i played with it yet i am not happy that i end up dead all the time though.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blade and Soul cross server skills

You really don't want us to play more than one char, do you? Normally in games when they put out a new class, there are events specifically geared to help you level that char up,Blade and Soul Gold and rewards for doing so. Here, story, and side quests are the big source of XP for leveling chars, but the XP event is for kills, and dailies, which favours level 50+ chars that have finished the story, and side quests. The other event is also squarely aimed at level 50+ chars doing the daily challenge.

You'd make so much more from your non-whale players that would buy costumes, and other things for their alts if the game wasn't so alt unfriendly. Here are some suggestions:

-Have all chars on your account automatically added to your friends list, and have mailing between them free, or just add a shared account storage tab. Account storage would even give you the chance to sell more storage expansion items.

-Make items used to upgrade equipment Buy Blade and Soul Gold (evolution weapons, powder, XP gems, materials, etc...) account bound, not character bound, and without requiring a cash shop item to send them like costumes do, it could cost gold, as a new gold sink, but not real money.
-Have market restrictions applied to each character, not your account.

-Let us move skills to different hotkeys, as different classes, have equivalent skills, but under different hotkeys (ex: ones that knock dazed/stunned targets into the air) which makes playing multiple classes harder than it should be, as we're effectively fighting the UI, and learned habits.

Friday, June 3, 2016

FFXIV Cross world party finder

Cross world party finder so you can play with friends from other servers.. This is something that was promised before ARR was even launched. Not, "you'll be dumped in with random idiots",FFXIV Gil they specified that you'd be able to part with friends cross server, it was a selling point. Maybe Square will finally solve the overcrowding issue in Balmung and Gilgamesh by allowing world transfers, you did all the time in 11, why is 14 different. Ridiculous I can't transfer or make a c to play with friends for what is a year now.

 Not if the server has near permanent character restrictions in place. I've been trying since April of last year to either transfer a character or make a new one on Balmung or Gilgamesh, and it has not been possible. You can transfer even with the creation lock in place. It bypasses the restrictions. I just transfered to Balmung last month with no issue. Yep, you can transfer for Balmung if you want. That won't fix the overcrowding, though. Just make it worse.

Geneviève Lavoie: You're right about the overcrowding issue, ideally it would be better to have people move to less populated servers. Hence my dilemma in that while I have no problems being on a lesser populated server, all my friends seem to be on Balmung or Gilgamesh.Cheap FFXIV Gil I'll try the character transfer again but it was made clear in the instructions that a transfer would not take place if a restriction is in my place and the option for Balmung or Gilgamesh was greyed out or simply not on the drop down list.

Balmung sucks.. No idea Why anyone would want to transfer there. Actually FFXI had server caps to. Server transfer came in when the game was dropping on subs.If you want your best chance in transferring. Transfer really early or really late when people have barely logged in.

Monday, May 23, 2016

NEW content added to FFXIV

Ffxiv need more end-game content. Savage mode isn't too fun and just wasting time doing daylies 4 nothing... maybe SE could use some Blizzard's experience. I wish I could be excited about this game again...I still have my sub running, but I'm finding it hard to want to play it over Ark or Black Desert... Did you just say FF is better than FFXIV Gil BDO FF was the most disappointing MMO I gave ever purchased and played Ff11 is better than it and thats saying alot. Andrew Gonzalez I think you have just not played black desert. I played BDO for quite a while, and I found myself get so bored of it. Drifted right back to FFXIV.

Beginning of June- most likely June 7th, since patches are usually released on a Tuesday. It's too bad I don't play anymore. I couldn't renew mmy sub during college due to finances and time constraints and just lost interest unfortauntely. Was hoping this would be a patch worth resubbing to, Buy FFXIV Gil looks like I was wrong. 😢 game has been boring since finishing 3.0 content.  I want to get into this game so bad, but I don't really have any friends that play and I am still leveling through vanilla content unsure emoticon.

 I love running old content and helping new people. My husband and I (well, I) run a FC on Coeurl called Night Prowlers! We're always looking to grow. Send me a message/reply here if you have any questions. kiki emoticon  My friends and I love helping people, if you're ever in Lamia feel free to contact me (Kairi Knight'). Teaching fights and helping out new people is my favorite \o/. Haven't played since 3.1 personally. Keep getting the itch to jump back online, how's the state of the game these days? Sick but I'd wait till the new patch so it's a fun overwhelming strive to catch up. Other wise gets boring quick after u get BiS for your main. imo.

Love the game, but just wish we had NEW content added. I don't mind waiting, but I need something to look forward to. got deep dungeon coming which should be pretty interesting n fun to play.  i wanna purchase the complete game but i cant since of i cannot find my country on the lists.,, any other options?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Blade and Soul Second Life

This player take SSP and hart to get more prestige so we get less soulstones than...and ofc other problem is bots...so realy hard to keep up to date our chars....But i dont give up cuz i have a clan and we try together...(i do mushin f14 i wipe at 15-20% at f15 xD, soguns lament etc...so every day we became a little bit stronger Blade and Soul Gold ...and in the future this fast updates will end so we get chance to catch up.xD)

Glad i only spent $25 for premium LOL. This game isn't worth dumping alot of money into . Played for 4 1/2 months and officially quitted and uninstalled. Playing Dungeon Striker CH now lmfao. Isn't it normal in MMO's from Asia? I mean where the character models are not so ugly like in Wow. when in the global server's it's NOT normal...

 I leveled up to 35 since release and haven't touched the game again since then. Some people just can't avoid the need of commenting stupid things like him.  I'm in love, this is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my virtual life. I went back to imvu haha . i can actually look like a geisha there . I tried to give you money bns. if youd like more freedom you can try secondlife as well although its hard to learn everything on there. buy Blade and Soul Gold I tried second life... I always thought I was pretty tech savvy and computer literate.. I learned very quickly that I am not as smart as I thought I was....

Idk if it's just me, but Second Life is incredibly complicated. o.o The google tutorials just didn't make sense to me. I should have maybe youtubed some tutorials instead so I could SEE how things are done... It's super popular so it must not be THAT hard. I wish they added more sexy outfits, I only have one I like and it's Valentine's Day outfit.  I am not sure where to ask so i will ask here: Did anything happen with the Daily Dash? Thanks for your reply. It seems that a new Daily Dash just started yesterday so this is nice. for how much cost to convert gold in HM coins this is allrdy stupid as FK.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Blade & Soul Character

More like ""Blade & Soul does a lot to make sure the player always feels like a complete idiot that does stupid things all for the sake of pushing the story forward." I too saw things happening, and could predict the outcome of the story... when my character was all like "durr... a hurpa durp SPLOOGE". You have to understand this things happen in animes Blade & Soul Gold ..and is fun for them. Is an anime action/comedy..so yea..Is full of anime cliche.

Naj Agamao This one has actually video WITh ur character in it. .was JUST A BIT more interesting than most other mmo to check out lols. Naj Agamao Who said that? Where did I say that? Just because you and others don't care about the story doesn't mean that everyone shouldn't care about it, especially those that have been playing the foreign versions, where I hear that the Player Character is less of an idiot and more of a jerk in story for those versions. Michael Sagoe I think he was making a facetious remark Buy Blade and Soul Gold on the majority of MMORPG players, who just quest grab and run.

 I donnoe, the problem I have with this game is the frequent framerate drops. The game is far from perfect though. If this game was aiming for full voiceover, they could've at least work on that, tiny detail it may be. Kinda awkward the NPC talk the first few lines, mute on the next one, then talked again on the final line.  They're constantly patching that. People have to report it for it to be noticed as well. It was a bit rushed (localization).

 Tried both, still goes down to 3fps at the lowest from time to time. I even put my graphics to the lowest and still yield the same result. Connections are good. I'd wanna say the region I live in (Asia) but I have friends playing this game as well and they don't have any problems at all.

Monday, February 22, 2016

F2P VS PvP in blade and Soul

Someone quick!!! I deleted my second character and went to rebuild. Dident think to check the server before I deleted. The original few servers were what? I have a character on Tawong and there were like 3 original choices as far as I can remember. I cant find what they were. The hubby is in bed and I need to be sure we are on the same server Blade and Soul Gold . frown emoticon man this sucks. Help!

I highly doubt you can get it back since everything is deleted. just go on forums on website submit a ticket and see what they can do for you. good luck tho. I dont want it back. smile emoticon I was trying to figure out what server I was originally on. Thanks though. The deleate was the best idea ever!!! My new character is amazing!!!

The reason I stopped playing is because it feels like a F2P through and through, whether you have premium or not. Using it as an example, runescape even offers a whole ton of quests, weapons and areas for members only. I even spent 25 bucks on the initiate pack or whatever it's called and don't feel like I got ANY benefits from it whatsoever aside from beta testing, and my friend who bought the 75 dollar bundle feels the same way. I'm gutted because this game has an awesome PVP to it, but honestly, it just feels so bleh in every other regard that the combat doesn't make up for it at all. "There's nothing to do, and the game doesn't offer me anything cheap Blade & Soul Gold but maybe they're holding out for after the beta," is what we said during beta, and unfortunately not much has changed.

But I don't want to play a game that feels F2P is what I'm saying. I'm planning on giving the game time, but for now it doesn't feel like an expansive MMO with a lot to offer. Maybe that's just me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blade and Soul Performance

So those who use 4cores / 8cores will not run in max. Performance..
About Vga still confuse..
Some1 have better vga than my gtx 950.. Run same fps as mine.. I got i7 5500 8gb ram GeForce 920m 4GB video and I still got fps drop more when I get close to waterfalls .

 I am on i5 4450 and gtx 960 with 8gb ddr3 and Blade & Soul Gold i am fine 80+fps in world 50+ in high populated areas. But yes sometimes i experience drops to 20 fps.at the graphic settings, check the "optimize for batlle" or something like that.

 i'm so proud of you!!! Best game ever, thank you for doing such an amazing job for us on NA servers. half of your brain is dead too i guess. even if they have 10,000 gold sellers which is probably an exaggerated ammount, what is 10k compared to 2m, even if it's 100,000 bots, what it is compared to 2M people . Ibrahim Sholyov Sarcasm or not, Degrading a company on their posts is offensive to some, and some people can see it as negative and not even try the game. Not a big deal to me, but to others, it can be. Buy Blade and Soul Gold No need to get brash calling people a prick etc..., he was only trying to make a point, and you fail at anything except making yourself look like a 2 year old troll.

so its ok for him to say half of my brain is dead cause i made a obvious joke with '' grin emoticon '' at the end.. u people need some humour in your life.. anyway not gonna argue.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blade and Soul gold farmers

This is a known issue we are working on right now. Please submit a bug report so we can get more info. You had the gold farmers gone for a entire day. Now they are back and my block list is full upset emoticon. disconnected error 3000 i tried everything but still getting the same problem . i also send a report regarding the error. Blade & Buy Blade and Soul Gold ; Soul does this mean you guys are working on a solution to fixing the over saturation of gold farmers in the chat? My block list is full and i can no longer use the chat to talk to any other tab, because the chat is moving at the speed of sound Cheap Blade & Soul Gold.... I have never experienced any game i have ever played and it's so bad, i don't even want to play right now squint emoticon

Please.... fix this, i beg of you. Never have i ever wanted to like a game sooo bad, but can't as id like to because rampant gold farmers ruing the social experience of the game.  Sun Sora if you use wtfast or any simillar program it does that also. When i try to logg in after the pin code it dosen't do anything it's just playng the backround music and animation but dosent get me to the game ;_; help please.

I heard something about server busy.I moved to NA and it worked. It doesn't for me. Or at least not in 15 minutes. Lázár András did u try to swich from eu to na or from na to eu? becasue at me it worked. Switched from EU to NA. It worked there. Than switched back to Eu and now it crashes after the 6 digit code.

Its working now..just got in at EU server after 10years of waiting.. there goes my premium fee ncsoft. Now it works for me. Don't know what changed. If anybody has this problem, do what Volocaruvlad Vlad said constantly and eventully it will work. whats up with the male angel costume? xD is there like some sort of joke behind it? i thought it was just a bug at first.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Probably going to play Force Master and Blade Dancer

Already playing. I'm a lv38 Lyn Force Master at the moment.  im planning on Summoner, but I will prolly have a Force User fairly quick too heh.  Stop nagging about the que. This is not the place for it.  Hey, when will you finish transferring? I've been waiting so long. Please solve the ticket number.

Probably going to play Force Master and Blade Dancer like I did with the Russian server I played on. For starter summoner are easy to use can tank almost soloing to Blade and Soul Gold every dungeon no need potion to much and summ has a companion already( great nekosama),so... hell yea i'll play summoner and then BM. too much bots spamming on the chat room selling in game money and lvling service, please look into this matter, it is very annoying .

Can anyone tell me the size of this game for download? i saw it and seens like its a very nice game. I'll start off with a male lyn summoner, but my main will be a female jin assassin. Can you play blade and soule on a laptop? And how to I download it? Do I go threw ncsoft on Jan 19 or do I have to make a qq account because I already have a qq account. Advise anybody? Thanks!

no ty. 3 days in que for mushin server Buy Blade and Soul Gold You guys should have done a stress testing for obt.. qq account? this isnt blade and soul china lmfao. Just sign up for account and download the game. They already posted the link 8 days ago.   Also on a laptop, depends what graphic card you have. Some doesnt play on medium/high settings. You can play all on low setting but you wont be able to get a nice crispy graphic look but still playable. Check here if your laptop will be able to run on minium requirement: I have one final question sorry for being a boo but can you link up an Xbox one controls to use on blade and soul? I use it on skyrim steam but was curious it it could work on bns aswell.

Monday, January 11, 2016

a warlock class, please respond Blade & Soul

Great goal guys! I (we) knew that B&S was gonna be an awesome MMO even for EU! Keep on your hard work and you'll get more and more satisfactions! Just like to stressed out that lvl 50 cap and warlock should be inlcuded but its ok if it will be implemented a month after release knowing that Soul Fighter is already there for korea or china i guess. Blade & Soul,what is minimum system requirements for the game?

I use Win7, but with 2GB RAM (my old pc), will have problems BNS Gold, cuz for Win7 the game want 3GB RAM... I guess it will run pretty good if you lower the settings a bit.  I knew it! Grats to all of u and Hyung-Tae Kim for his wonderful master piece art he make for us!

Will there be a warlock class, please respond Blade & Soul. Warlock class will be released in a later content patch. They plan to release "Chapters", so to speak, and Warlock will be in one of those. Awww so as a free user i would have to delete my existing char if i wanna start with warlock all over again.You have two free character slot as free player i guess so reserve the other character for warlock when available.  The article inside this link has wrong information..It states that open beta will start Blade & Soul Gold ..

I am sure several people have asked. But for name reservations, how will that work? Will an email be sent out? is there a specific time that will start? Congrats! Maybe we can have some good presents on the headstart? Like free gold? Congratz, you guys need to let it piss, free costumes... make the release date 01.05.2016 ... can`t wait till the release .