Tuesday, December 27, 2016

FFXIV new dungeons

Then don't play. Simple. Bye. Ryan Schreiner LOL good luck finding a lot. Have considered coming back , and starting over , just was curious if there are many helpful folks still around who will group for the story quests at low levels ? I have played some f2p and have been satisfied with them. Took a break from this and tried some other things and I haven't felt the urge to jump back onto this xD hit cerberus server and you can join our fc if you want dude, sure Anne has said some details :) FFXIV Gil be nice to have you aboard should you wish to start over again.

Haha no i havent sweet:).. but @dahkoht just send me a private message:) And what game would that be? Jus got back into the game only the game freezes when logging into my character. This is on steam. Any ideas how to fix this? People on here are begging for F2P... Never. I don't personally like the items in this event... However I need to give it up to SE for being able to make so many events, prizes, updates, dungeons, area and content in general. We have SO many events every year. New years, Valentine's day, Cheap FFXIV Gil anniversary (can't remember the in game name), summer, easter, halloween, christmas, not to mention other event along the way. Not everyone is going to be an AMAZING giveaway but they do plenty. They can do all of these events and content adds thanks to a subscription. They keep it fun, updated, and I personally have seen a huge drop in Gil sellers. NEVER F2P.

Agreed, monthly subscriptions fund the quarterly patches and keep us from having to pay directly for equipment. Looking forward to renewing my sub and catching up on a year of content I missed.I wanna jump back in but I haven't played in like a year.How hard would it be to jump into this for the first time ever.   I don't have a computer set up right now so I'd probably be on ps4. Would it still be enjoyable.

 Ps4 is good if you like to play with controller. Graphic is around High setting with some frame drop in highly decorated area. Depends what kind if gamer you are if you're a casual gamer it will take along time! The main story quests in between realm reborn and havensward took me a week of nonstop playing but overall I'd say it took me 4 months over the span of a year to do (I like to enjoy other espects of the game too so I didn't focus on story non stop only that one week)

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