Thursday, July 25, 2013

Upgrading 5.4 LFR Gear

The relevance of this island for me will be in the gear (which is unlikely since it's 496, I think) and how much gold I can land from it. Buying world of warcraft account Neither 5.2 nor 5.3 have been very useful for me, and my participation in group content has dropped since my old computer began to crap out and I discovered that I was well past the likely ilvl requirements for SoO LFR sometime in 5.2.
I'm just not that interested in achievements anymore, and the random crap you get from rare spawns just takes up space in my bank.

I actually feel like I've been spinning my wheels for almost two patches, with Nalak and Lei Shen's treasure room being the only stuff I bother with from the last two patches.  Hell, I get more mileage from Tillers and Shieldwall dailies then anything these days, since they're easy as sin and give great gold and a slow, steady accumulation of VP to spend on upgrading 5.4 LFR gear.

I guess Blizzard nixed the idea of advancement outside of raids. WoW accounts for sale Most a pity, because I've actually had to go back to making my own fun.
Chasing rares for nothing but an achievement. And getting some cosmetic trinkets you have to d/e or sell because there's no more bag space at all.

This is the most stupid and boring idea Blizzard come up with in this expansion. The story patch of 5.3 was already poor, now we get this boring and uncreative crap. Didn't they learn anything from the good response they got for the story driven quest experience of 5.1?

 I think this is a fantastic idea.  And the Timeless Isle is completely story driven, just driven by Wrathions Legendary Quest story.  There is plenty of lore to be had.  

Just because an area is riddled with quests doesnt mean there is no lore.  There is lore surrounding the Battlefield Barrens.  To say that there isnt is just ignorant. 

Most likely you will have to explore this area to find lore items and events (as shown above). Who knows? Perhaps there is more to this isle than meets the eye.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Was Epic Geared and Running LFR

When i was epic geared and running LFR, I could keep people alive through all kinds of stupid crap that they should be getting out of. And I did, because I could. But at this point I am not here to take someone by the hand like a baby and keep them alive when they want to play in the lava. WoW accounts for sale DPS has to take responsibility for their own survival instead of whining about heals. They have cool downs, and they have far and away more mobility than either heals or tanks have. If a tank positions a mob on top of a puddle, I will reposition or move until it's safe.
Honestly, you're pissing and moaning about "Arrogance" and yet you're really setting your own example here by attacking someone else's healing ability just because they disagree with you about dps standing in stupid shit on the floor.
 If you try your best, and they die, it's their fault. I've never said otherwise. Stop pretending that I'm demanding healers heal through everything in existence. Not everything is designed to be healable, and those things are to be avoided. But if it can be healed, it is better than letting someone die. 
And the question of his healing is more towards being able to OOM in LFR. That's not easy to do, if you have gear. 
 I appreciate the compliment as I put a lot of work into how I heal.  I have a ton of experience healing pretty much all the group content in this game. Where to buy wow accounts Our pallies are pretty good, although one is admittedly still learning right now.
The game was not designed for healers to heal through avoidable damage.  It simply wasn't.  If someone is standing in something then they need to get out.  Tank, healer, dps, whomever.
I never said that any healer should purposefully stop healing someone and let them die... (unless it is going to kill their entire mana pool.)  I try to make every attempt to keep the entire raid alive at all times.  It is not a healer's job to heal everything without judgment, however.  It is their job to make smart decisions so that the raid can kill bosses.

I Don't Have Any Heals That Fix Stupid

That wouldn't bother me as much in Wrath. but then cata happened, and I literally did not have the mana to spare saving dumb people. Cheapest WoW accounts They'll have plenty fo time to figure out why they died, and how to do better next time, while they're tanking the floor. No heal will fix stupid. But people mistake "1-shot" with "damage I could heal but... nah". The former cannot be avoided, healed or mitigated, while the latter is pure laziness on the part of the healer. 
I have a healer, and I will make a token effort to heal the person standing in the bad stuff, but if more than a few seconds go by and they have not moved, they become low priority. If it's that hard to move out of the fire, get an addon to alert you when you're in it. As a healer, I am not blowing half my mana pool to heal someone standing in fire. Its the job of the DPS to stay alive by avoiding stupid stuff. If a dps can't even avoid stupid things underneath them, then they are better off dead or kicked.
It's my job to heal what I can, in a way that benefits the entire group.  I very often have let a dps die because it was more beneficial for the group.  
I thought that's what triage was all about. Buying world of warcraft account The dps who stands in fire is lowest on my priority (unless their dps is somehow the only way we will win).
Read my reply to Kensdisguise2 as well if you need an example.  My mana pool is often more important than keeping a bad dps player alive.
One person is not valuable enough for half my mana pool, unless they are a tank. Simple as that. DPS are mobile, even melee ones, and can and should make an effort not to stand in the fire. They do not have plenty of time to figure out why they died. Because they were never trained while leveling, how to stay alive in the first place. These soft players will always think its the healer's fault no matter what.
 No, a healer's job is not to heal everything without judgment.  A healer's job is to prioritize heals with a limited resource pool so that the encounter is won.  Burning mana on someone determined to die is usually not the correct way to heal.

Patch 5.4 PTR New Factions- Grounds Preview

Though I like the idea behind proving grounds, Cheapest WoW accounts i don´t know if it will play out as planned. In general it will work for the players which are skilled to a certain level and know how to use their toolbox AND what is inside of their toolbox.

But what about the players who don´t know their class mechanics and skills so well? f.e. i pugged ToT nhc and one of the healer was a discipline priest, that did not use spirit shell even once and after asking, he was not even aware of having it. 

Here the proving grounds will not help these players, because it will mostly test numbers put out and voids avoided but not how this all was achieved.

I don´t want Proving Grounds to be easy, Buying world of warcraft account but without considering how to improve a player´s skill so he has a reasonable chance, there will be a lot of posts on the wow forum about Proving Grounds being to hard

And as it showed with the legendary quest chain and the celestial blessings, most players, especially the ones with dps classes, don´t like the idea of tanking rather hard hitting adds, either without the ability to kite them or without an assigned healer. (besides the fact that the tank and healer challenge was a cheap joke in comparison to the dps challenge)

So hopefully they don´t develop Proving grounds into a niche instead of simulating real raid/group situations

Ilvl scaling is the most important thing. Disappointed there's no tank swaps for the tank challenge and that the healing one is only 5 man, but it's a great start and the most exciting thing in WoW for me since lfr.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Agility to dodge

In my mind subtlety is the iconic rogue spec. Rogues have always seemed to be the slink out of the shadows, stab someone and slip away again. Assassin rogues with their poisons are good too, the combat swashbuckler type? Cheapest WoW accounts There is your tank spec right there. Agility to dodge, something transfers to parry, and bam another non mail tank spec.
 I have played a rogue for 7 years and played a combat rogue for 6 of those years.  I do think playing assassination is a much much more fun experience.  Combat is not very fun to play anymore.  I was actually thinking subtlety would be the best tank spec. If they created a "stance" for sub only that put them into a pseudo stealth, but with a small bonus dodge/parry chance, and possibly remove the need for ambush to need to be behind the target, you could probably make a fairly good tank.
And by pseudo stealth, I mean you'd still be able to be targeted and all that, it just allow stealth abilities to be used.
 Would subtlety be able to DPS at 100% outside of this stance? Because then you're back to WotLK Feral.
If they can't DPS at 100%, then you've killed Sub as a PvE DPS spec. 
And if you make it into a separate specialization, you may as well not crib off of Sub, and give them a whole new kit, since they'll be a whole new spec. 
In none of these scenarios does a DPS spec transforming into a tank spec make sense from a design standpoint. 
I don't think Subs should be the tank spec.  I think that Combat should fill this roll. Buying world of warcraft account I do however think that Subs get the raw end of the stick DPSwise given that most of our DPS is in the initial "burst".  Perhaps allowing shadowdance to last more than 8sec (up to 16)instead of the "semi-stealth" combat stance and have a shorter cool down (45sec down from a min) to make it a tich more available over the course of a PvE or PvP fight?