Friday, July 19, 2013

Agility to dodge

In my mind subtlety is the iconic rogue spec. Rogues have always seemed to be the slink out of the shadows, stab someone and slip away again. Assassin rogues with their poisons are good too, the combat swashbuckler type? Cheapest WoW accounts There is your tank spec right there. Agility to dodge, something transfers to parry, and bam another non mail tank spec.
 I have played a rogue for 7 years and played a combat rogue for 6 of those years.  I do think playing assassination is a much much more fun experience.  Combat is not very fun to play anymore.  I was actually thinking subtlety would be the best tank spec. If they created a "stance" for sub only that put them into a pseudo stealth, but with a small bonus dodge/parry chance, and possibly remove the need for ambush to need to be behind the target, you could probably make a fairly good tank.
And by pseudo stealth, I mean you'd still be able to be targeted and all that, it just allow stealth abilities to be used.
 Would subtlety be able to DPS at 100% outside of this stance? Because then you're back to WotLK Feral.
If they can't DPS at 100%, then you've killed Sub as a PvE DPS spec. 
And if you make it into a separate specialization, you may as well not crib off of Sub, and give them a whole new kit, since they'll be a whole new spec. 
In none of these scenarios does a DPS spec transforming into a tank spec make sense from a design standpoint. 
I don't think Subs should be the tank spec.  I think that Combat should fill this roll. Buying world of warcraft account I do however think that Subs get the raw end of the stick DPSwise given that most of our DPS is in the initial "burst".  Perhaps allowing shadowdance to last more than 8sec (up to 16)instead of the "semi-stealth" combat stance and have a shorter cool down (45sec down from a min) to make it a tich more available over the course of a PvE or PvP fight?

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