Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blade & Soul lvl 50 heroes

you can still use custom pic. I use the mobile screenshot in game and just move the pic to the correct folder to upload as profile pic. You, and others saying the same missed the point. It's not a "wah, I can't figure out how" post, it's that NCSoft has been making efforts to remove that as an option, and telling people that we can't, Buy Blade and Soul Gold or at least are not suppose to do so. Yet here on their own site they show the profile of someone they're promoting within the community, who is using a custom profile image.

This is even worse than that whole thing with the costume contest winner that supposedly used copyright protected art. There they could reasonably be said to have no known, that this person is using a custom profile image, and they don't allow that is something they should have known. And yet he did it for free. Perhaps You guys can sponsor him if he`s not already. For fucksake please lower down the cost of upgrading gears ???????? ( P.S please notice me )

why my wheel restart? pls fix i spend 2 day playing Blade & Soul then back from the start my wheel. Same here dude got re-rolled again back from the very start. There were several in game notices and it was in there news feed. Non premium players were not getting rewards so they fixed it, reset progress, and extended the event 2 days. Blade and Soul Gold Does this site just yell out *wear all max level stuff* as opposed to giving suggestions? Cause showing same results for my hm 8 and my level 29 toon seems a bit weird.

 Its designed for lvl 50 heroes. Sub 50s have limited gold thus limited options. Awesome community, keep it up; alright & thanks! i wonder if bns is going sea. na server is 500+ms. crickey.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

FFXIV players can become boringly OP

Well time to resub for the new warring triad and the story. Panty Seas ,,,,,,,, I like love Panty Man ..... Edi Sa Puso Mo ...... Modn Well time to resub for the new warring triad and the story. The Patch 3.4, Soul Surrender, website is live! Check back for updates as we get closer to release on September 27!

Looks interesting, but I do agree, why do we get dumped gear so often? There's not enough time to get a whole new set when one more powerful is introduced Buy FFXIV Gil....if SE spent as much time working on this new gear as they do in NEW interesting jobs...I'm am playing Black Desert Online solely because I want to play a different type of "job". Come on guys, get that 4.0 done soon.

This is weird but it is an example of people getting tired of so much pointless content. I really want to like and come back to this game but FFXIV Gil I remember the community being extremely elitist and handpicking raid compositions based entirely on class. But even that would have been forgiveable if FF14 had the same close knit community that FF11 realms often did. Have things changed?

 And yes, the gear is fucking repetitive in design. At least it's probably stronger. Which gets me back to my original point that FFXIV players can become boringly OP while keeping the spirits of not helping newcomers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blade and Soul summoner

The server merger we had a couple months, or so back just made groups of three different servers linked together to act as one, rather than being a complete merger of multiple servers, into one. I get the feeling they're hoping they'll be getting more people later on, allowing them to just unlink the servers, rather than have to add more again.

Whether that actually happens, or that they'll just have to do more mergers as the current player count trend would suggest, I couldn't say for certain. Blade and Soul Gold Although based on other servers it will be getting easier to get by in the game later on, especially if you want to play solo. Is it national or international? I cant see how it would be national. it's only national... How does that make sense? I honestly get your point lmao.

 really thank you alot for your kind information, Max :) To celebrate, you guys should give me the Cool Groove hat :D (i missed out on its sale x.x) is game fixed cause i wanna play my summoner my sf is so bad i always die : Buy Blade and Soul Gold ( not funny that i always end up raped by every mobs i do dailies. All the players would like a bonus for this special occasion :0

If by "fixed" you mean better optimization, and dealing with apparent conflicts between the game, and things on our systems causing it to perform far worse than it should for many, then no. I've yet to see them even acknowledge there is such problems, let alone give the usual "we'll let the devs know, and try to get that fixed" type response. Makes me suspect it'll never be fixed.