Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blade & Soul when will the official client will be release

Not every community is friendly fire. Most of the people that pvp alot will kill you on sight. Some are nice, some are dicks lol. Thank you so much, i so wanted to read about the Gems Blade and Soul Gold ! I've made multiple feedback notes on the last 3 betas, where should I submit it in the forums? General discussion or bug reports? General Discussion would be the best place for feedback and suggestions and Bug Report forum is for any bugs you may have encountered.
 Name Reservation begins on January 11, 2016 at 6pm PST For NA servers, and 7pm CET for our EU servers. *Gems and Transmutation allow you to further throw away all of your gold for no useful rewards. The one in the image doesn't even give you anything, you spend 1G and 4 Fabric, to get 1 Fabric in return... Don't you ever try this during progression, cheap Blade & Soul Gold only do when you have spares. Good spares.

Blade & Soul when will the official client will be release? or the CBT client will just get an update? This is my question as well, especially for those who did not participate in the CBTs. Fix your ingame low fps. The game sucks like this I dont have low fps, even in my laptop. Whats your PC specs? My computer got 980 gtx.i7 everything in it is new.  Majority of players have issues with Windows 10 because the game is not optimized for it yet.

The game is just not optimized, period, for any modern-day high end gaming rigs. It was created for low-end single-core computers from 2011 to be able to play it on a way outdated Direct 9, which doesn't fully take advantage of the powerful multi-core processors we have today. I doubt they'll fix the fps drops for us medium to high end users any time soon, but I agree 100% in dissatisfaction. Luckily I have no problems on BnS regarding any of the 3 latest windows OS (7, 8, 10), but I'd like to take advantage of my GTX 980 too... Gtx 980 here too with 2500K and 8GB ram , and when i go to the tree zone , where you take many pvp quests , i get low fps 40-50 fps tops .

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

i was a part of the 1st CBT

i was a part of the 1st CBT (got selected from newsletter) and i found some things that could be fixed not actual bugs, mostly translations and some random copy pastes that the team probably made while trying to get some "easy" work done faster but the point is that as a nin founder's pack owner i cant start topics Cheap Blade & Soul Gold at forums or cant PM any1 from the staff to actually give my feedback. Please if u want feedback give access to those that have access to Buy Blade and Soul Gold the game no matter hoe they got access..

I got key and already activate my key, and still can't connect with my original ip. Yeah, i thought there's no ip block.. But why when i used vpn it could connect? unsure emoticon idk if it's only for CBT or forever. But this block is annoying.
 It's on the website, go to ur account support it should be somewhere inthere. You should get a link on yor email. Might be in the FAQs or something like that... Was hard to find and I never got an email with a link lol. Wish I was home to link you. Have you check your spam section of the mail?  I missed alpha because the mail was in my mails spam/junk section. I got a beta key from the Curse voice, so i cant really reply in the fourmss? Unless there is one idont know, but i keep running into infinite loadtime....and so i am forced having to open my task manager and end the client...i hope this will be fixed soon..its very annoying having to wait and cant even go places...

Ya, I've heard from others that the Curse Beta keys do not give access to the official forums. You should create an account on the unoffical forums on and there are some threads there that may help, and you can post in. I purchased the pack but did not get access to the beta confused emoticon what's wrong with this.  Phai vao trong NC account roi apply Cai code o trong blade and soul moi vao game duoc! Cause they said if u purchase any founders pack , u will have access to all closed beta ! Just go to ur NC account and check if the code is already apply or not! Since i cannot borrow an account from any of you , can someone tell me what is your current ping and in what country?

Monday, December 7, 2015

There is plenty of people in the Oceanic/SEA region

im getting this 'Failed to connect to server.(200)' after starting the game .. some help would be nice .. thanks so far im enjoying the game a lot, but there is only one little tiny bitty thing i didn't like about the game, wardrobe for premium only? rly? every game i've played so far that have the wardrobe option its a freemium Buy Blade and Soul Gold ... not gonna give names other than wildstar, wich is also a NCsoft game and have a freemium wardrobe, i like the wardrobe feature a lot, and i dont mind spending money on store costumes, but if i have to spend money on costumes AND on premium jsut to store it its just too much...

I give you an example why we want it, have you wonder why there is no petition for tera sea/oceanic server ? There is plenty of people in the Oceanic/SEA region who play mmos. And there are plenty of companies which have servers set up here and are doing fine (get plenty of income) it is all about advertising correctly. People dont seem to realise how many indvidual places there are in the SEA regioin. SEA is a huge player base. They would make enough money for a profit easy.

All I want is an offical response and/or them to acknowldge the petition.... Blade & Soul Gold Since nothing but silence is disheartening and a big middle finger to the 5.5k people who have signed it.Teegan Brown Still no response from them with any real answer. I'm the one that created the petition. Miko Mangornong There is a big enough player-base in Oceania and SEA. Look at Smite they provided Australians with a server(s) on October 27th, 2014.  here is a big enough player-base to get into the eSports scene BNS Gold. At PAX Australia 2015 there was the Smite Oceania Pro League 2015. NCSoft must be blind to not see the possible potential of the game having a local server. Battle with otne of the best gamers in the world, in a game that no one from the rest of the world has played ever, and has no possible ways of doing so if you didn't pay o_o'' ........ Where's the link to the stream? grin emoticon  I think it's really cool that the eSports branche of B&S is going with this.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

mantain your characters from a beta test

You can only safe your beta char. model design and you will get 3 day head start with founder pack.  we get like some special outfit for beta testing?. and btw those Unsealing Charm are WAY to Blade and Soul Gold expensive and hard to find. need some tweak, we should be able to just unseal stuff with money for unsealing stuff for upgrade. but purple stuff can be trade while seal, but need unsealing charm to unseal or something. other wise is pointless to get a really good purple weapon from dungeon and u cant even trade for the one you want or sell it to get the one you want. don't cry guys you all know that beta and alpha test progress won't be in public lunch...from first alpha test.

Kuroshi Yamiro, sometimes some games give you special items once open beta begins for participating in closed beta. So far, I haven't heard anything about it for this game, but they might. This is rather normal, most games does character wipes when going to live OB. being able to mantain your characters from a beta test is just stupid, its an insult to every new player because you get an unfair advantage and thats contributes directly to imbalance, and yes, ive been in the beta of this game too. Why is everyone surprised at this? If we kept everything, you guys would be the first ones complaining that there is nothing to do at cap, so stop complaining. All games start on equal footing no matter what. If you have put all so much time into it, then what are you worried about at launch? You aren't going to forget everything you've learned so quit complaining.

Are you guys serious Buy Blade and Soul Gold ? The information was openly posted about character progress in beta not being perm. In defense of that, not one BETA i have ever played carried over to open beta or full release. if you like the way your character looks best thing to do is screenshot it as a profile pic in game and save it that way when you create your new character you can use the presets that you used in beta without losing them. why some guys getting mad coz of my comment? dont need to act hard. I thought you get to keep 2 characters if you bought the starter pack ?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

EA sports you are ripping players

Football genius? Sounds like a crap game. Learn how to use grammar, prick.  Gotta love the grammar police on Facebook lol like its a damn academic paper buy FIFA 16 coins . You know what I meant mister "Oxford comma English teacher w a concentration in Facebook grammar ". Not grammar police just a proper education you illiterate prick. Cry me a river Ben Olney . Suarez, pogba andmany other players scored goals like this one. You own fifa , you mean own a copy of a computer game.

 PES is for have fun with friends..FIFA is realistic football. Ben, i think you missed a comma in your most recent comment, just so you know smile emoticon. FIFA Realistic? Really? You must be living in different matrix than most of us.  EA SPORTS FIFA when are you guys updating kits, buy Aion Kinah including Barcelona's third (blue/aqua) and fourth (green), for consoles? Pay beautiful you mean ! Buying points to get packs and out of the 300 coins pack the best I got was a 79 player ! This was after getting three 300 packs ! Well done EA sports you are ripping players off even better than before. Who pays for this? Guys like you just gives a reason to ea sports don't care with the stupid gameplay they shows year after year. This microtransactions give them more money than the retail sells. So, this will continue year after year .

There is a one thing I dream for it from fifa 1999 to Fifa 2016 to make a new teams in rest of the world look like Ahly Egyption Sporting Club and Zamalek Egyption club ... this teams have a more fans than Orlando pirats and Kaizer chiefs and have a many leagues and cups.

Friday, November 6, 2015

I actually returned to FFXI

Sam was my first class maxed, back when it was 60 then I quit when level cap 75.  I was redmage main up until try raised the lvl cap to 80+ then had to quit for life. The nostalgia feels. Retired my Elvaan drg/rng/nin/blm with 317 days played and I bazaar'd on my mules. My favorite game of all time. Damn, great timing SE upset emoticon I'll have fallout 4 AND tomb raider, on top of halo and star wars coming out the week after lol. really? you chose a Character that mostly no one knows? It should have been Prishe or Lionne, hell even Lilisette would have been better.

Is FFXI ending its service? Is it free to play? Or do we have to pay monthly Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils like XIV?  Actually samurai was confirmed pretty much since heavenwards released on one of the live letters...they talked about it but said it's hard to do it atm plus doing new classes takes atleast 1yr. FFXIV Gils . Chris before you be a prick it looks like samurai armor. So in a sense samurai still confirmed Someone thinks that sarcasm is discernable through text. The coolest thing FFXIV could do is start introducing some "Legendary" weapons from across the FF universe into the Cash Store as transmog items.Or you could hunt some NM that'll only pop up at 4 am every 2 bloody weeks just like FFXI was like.

I actually returned to FFXI. i still find it is more fun and has more things i can do compared to just spam roulettes and alex every day. Not what I ment by combining Eorzea and Vana'diel, I want to go back to the Valkum Dunes and see what it would look like in Eorzea's time frame, Jeuno, Windy, Sandy and Bastok and the land in between. Wonder y a samurai hold a drg weapon?
A: Its becoz they can either use a great katana or polearm main weapon and a bow for range attack.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

FF14 is an MMO fallout 4 OMG

This MMO is already one of the top of the market but, it would get so much more players if they added pvp updates to all their major patches as well... instead of 'exp boosts'. e.e  Thanks a lot buy Aion Kinah. Depuis le premier jeu "mystic quest" en passant par tous les final fantasy connus je suis heureux de découvrir les univers et les mondes que vous créez pour FFXIV. Merci à toute l'équipe de Square Enix. Big kiss from Reunion Island. Yass!!! I always love the dramatic scenes from this game  FF14 is such a great game! I don't understand the people saying "Oh this is bad timing, fallout 4 OMG" etc. FF14 is an MMO, so when new games come out, in my mind, the best thing Square could possible do is release new content so that they lose less people to the other releases. Yeah sure it's inevitable that they will lose some but what do you think would cause them to lose more: having new games release and no new content on FF to keep them around, or having new Aion Gold games release AND new dungeons, story quests, raids, beast tribe quests and all the other content coming out? If you ask me this is a good move not a foolish one.

I play guild wars 2. Is this one similar at all? But how long will the content last? This game is known for players going through content in a months time. Only 'cause a lot of people play it 18 hours a day, lol. v Even with a full time job and a girlfriend, this content would last at maximum.... 1 month. Considering it took 5 months to release this patch that's unacceptable.Alexander Savage has one of the lowest clear rates of any dungeon in any MMO. Hardly easy.

Sean OftheDead not because of difficulty, but dps checks that were gated by gear checks you could not get until you got eso tomes later on. Even those who cleared it said it wasnt hard.. just required better gear. scripted raids are just that.. scripted. Learn the script the raid becomes a snooze. Games need to go back to the old raids in EQ1 and UO days where the bosses were epic, had no specific script it did and had a list of moves it could do that you had to be prepared for. Those were challenging.

No expansion on zodiac weapons? Probably right after or before Xmas. 3.15 is half way through out, or possibly very fast. Anima Weapons will drop in December or January.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

my kid playing Final Fantasy XXXII

finally quit after 5 years of hope ,better make a new one , ffxiv is already dead. No it's not. People say that for literally every single game when it is in a content drought. Over 4 million subs....far from dead buddy. FFS ABOUT TIME Sean Comley at least a mention of it makes me more enthusiastic.  Ya its nice to know its actually going to happen instead of it being a joke that's talked about for months. These screenshots show a lot of bosses, you see one just flying above in the clouds, still no relic though, another derp patch.

Game is to boring now. Says the non savage player. So still boring. I bet there is a Vincent hidden in one of those coffins tanks same dungeon ~15 times Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils . Maybe a wind-up Vincent. coming soon? all my classes are lv60, i need something new to do. lol get a life... says the guy on facebook a thursday afternoon. Pretty brash Hugo. Why you gotta hate? maybe i should follow his advice and get a life working at "Shinra's electric power company" like he does... Rene you pretty much referred to yourself with that comment so you're an idiot. Also, a lot of people don't put their jobs on Facebook cause some people like privacy but I could say the same for you since you have nothing on your profile? But this is coming from a guy who is too insecure to put a pic of himself so he puts pictures of his cat with 13 friends FFXIV Gil... Yeah I have no life alright...

Either way I'm not the one who level 60 on all classes in 3 months so anything you say will be invalid.  I won't say get a life. You have one it's just in pixels. Try playing something else. Your hateful comment comes off as jealous , it's hardly any work to get all classes to 60 you can have a pretty busy life and levelling will still be a's just painfully boring. It's also been 5 months, and if he had all classes 50 prior to HW then it would be even quicker to level to 60.... geez... i'm so old... one day i will see my kid playing Final Fantasy XXXII and so on. Mine is about to hit 18, and yes, he plays.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

play fifa 16 Freaking Amazing

Memphis is 3rd in the Dutch hierarchy on FKs. Lasse Schöne should be on the list smile emoticon. Fifa 16 android we want fut draft and online season. Hahahaha ami paret tani un e blej . o shkelqim FIFA 16 PC Coins t sygjeroj pes 2016 me lujt niher edhe ski me lujt fifa sa t jesh gjall. Jo bre qfar pes kshtu FIFA 16 coins loja doket ma reale ama ne fifa ki ma shum opsione ne pes shum e komplikume. To welcome FIFA 16. We are offering 3 Gold Player Packs. This Promotion is only up for 72 hours. Login to claim your packs. Football is american no real soccer . it says FIFA= Football Is For All .

Ea please let ipad mini 1 play fifa 16. When we can play fifa 16 Android ? Are You Sure? That would be Freaking Amazing. When i can download and play fifa 16 ios. Because now fifa 15 ultimate team is update required.!  Yes. It's about skill moves. Have Messi even done any 4* skill move? Guys can some1 tell me why fifa 15 ask for some update for android and there is nothing in play store to update? F**king the game is not opening only! They want us to play Fifa 16 I guess. Yeah fut 15 saying there is an update but nth in the store. Same problem not just android, iOS 2. if you buy game online do you receie box game in the mail? hahaha no mate its a stupid digital copy.I always preffered physical boxes .

Same problem updating required but no. You are adding so many leagues,
So many teams and players,
Even Romania and North Africa ...
But Israel did not .. Despite the higher percentage we vote.
You are anti-Semites and Jews, and you know we hate you and all the children of Israel was declared,
We will not buy any game of fifa and ea sport
we dont buy until israel league includ the game.
We hope to start letting it to fifa 16,
Otherwise there had been bought anything in your company,
I speak on behalf of all the children of Israel.
Wish you only evil and you will lose our country.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gladiator is the hardest tank

I believe that there are elitists, and then there are asshole elitists.

They are different. Some of the folks who helped me in my old FC, were definitely elitists. It was their mission to try to be at the highest level possible at all times, and play their absolute best at all times FFXIV gil . I believe they were definitely elitists....they just weren't assholes. actually im not calling you an elitist, i just doubt you have to work 40 hours a week.

All of it is good for me. I just started playing this game. 1 character at lvl 26.  I shall. Some people get mad that Idk how to properly tank though. I'm a gladiator. it will come tou you. make sure you have pala leveld up for cross class abilitys. Shield lob > flash > combo 1 > flash > combo 2 and combo 3 oe flash if need and rotate between mobs since some dps can hit multiple targets. Don't forget to use defense skill on heavy hitting stuff and you be good cheap FFXIV gil. Yeah they kept telling me to tank, and I'm like we'll I can use provoke and that's it lol dps doing more damage so enemies focus on them.  I always used to mark my mobs but sometimes people don't care and follow the numbers...just do 2 or 3 flashes and then focus on the mob the dps is hitting and keep an eye on hate list next to the names. U guys are a lot of help, thx. Can't wait to get further and play as dark knight.

Gladiator is the hardest tank to level, but once you hit 40 and get shield oath it's GG to 60.

Keep the faith, don't let the assholes keep you down. Welcome to eorzea. Some people forget that not everyone has been playing since beta. however, nice class choice, I rolled glad/paladin as my first class too. Although now I play dragoon. Just keep at it and you'll be pro in no time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

main story quest An Uninvited Ascian picture

letter for you produser you are fucking around the players of ff7!! giving us junk ff hd junk ff15!! why dont you remaster ff7 it may give us a happy day gaming!! than junk of yours!!

Huh? What the hell are you talking about? FFXIV's Producer has nothing to do with FFXV or that remastered FFVII of yours.

 i wanna change my pass cuzz i cant login into the game and i forgot what i put on birthdate ... can some one help me.I have heard dungeons are cross server will you be fixing them or will they go neglected? 5 hour queue.

 It says in picture on the right hand side of screen dungeon The Chrysalis, for main story quest An Uninvited Ascian picture also shows the queue time of 5 hours
There's no reason for doing Chrysalis other than help friends or just fun, so this kind of content usually get very long queues. cheap FFXIV gil What about getting your own party on Party Finder or ask for friends to help?Last time i did Chrysalis was last week and it didn't take more than 30 min as SMN, probably because there's still people doing the roulette.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

dfo gold transactions is normal

It does nothing to stabilize prices when you have to wait a week to see if the item you're looking for is put up. It does nothing to stabilize prices to see that item you have been waiting for a week or two be put up for an extraordinary amount of DFO Gold , forcing you to either make the choice of buying it or waiting another week for the chance that someone will put it up for a lower amount.

There are many factors that go into the increase of price of a product, do not think that you know for sure it is one single thing. I even mentioned this in my post. The RMTers have not lost anything, they have tripled their profits. Now, as you said, because all cheap DFO Gold transactions happen in 2 days, Neople now has a harder time tracking down the RMTers as thousands of transactions happen in the span of two days. This should have drove down the price of gold, because the botters are not being stopped, they are still making billions upon billions of gold a day. There's a reason why they say it's instant delivery, that's because they have a huge surplus. When you start seeing them say 'delivery in 10-15 minutes, 24 hours etc" that is when you know their supply is dwindling and the actions taken against them are working. Limiting the AH does nothing at all.

Neople does not have the health of the game in mind, they are a company seeking profit. If they see more red than green, they will pull the game. The fact that we are seeing a trickle of content instead of all the content being released is proof of this. They are milking the community, trying to keep players playing for longer, which increases their chance to stay with the game and buy items with Cera.

Get rid of dfo bots

I stand behind Neople! Get rid of dfo bots, btw the players themselves need a way to report on those bots. Since you can't IP ban them, maybe get some volunteer GMs that have authority to ban by a couple clicks of the mouse. Obviously very trusted people should have this authority. It should be easy as well for normal players to submit reports through the client.

i may be DFO Gold the only one still ranting about it but wouldnt a ah/shop pass thats purchasable from the cash shop be one of the most effective way to kill off the bots? since they would have to still purchass through neople to sell gold

im pretty sure the fansbase my self included wouldnt mind paying a small fee to access cheap DFO Gold the auction house like a 1 day or 1 week service to sweeten the deal we could get an extra token a day and a skelly key or keido boxes remmy touches and asorted cash shop items as a daily give away for the duration of the service.

Bots will just get around it by paying the fee 2 ., cus they are totally not making any money by selling they gold. Let's noobies do their bitching and bring her out.  Lol, in that case, she will never be released, since the amount of actual complaints about it are so high!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ffxiv expansion isn't on Steam

what i said to jab is you need the steam version of arr to use the steam version of heavens ward lol. it does full suport updates. All versions of the game are fully supported. Just because the collector's edition isn't currently on Steam doesn't mean it won't be soon.

If the expansion comes out and it STILL isn't on Steam, then you have my permission to bitch about it. And why buy FFXIV Gil cant ps4 users get any of this yet?? I cant even get the digital collectors edition, let alone get on the benchmark and build a char cheap FFXIV Gil !!

 I want to play with the character creator on my PS4!!! Does the Au Ra character creator also have random name generators?  I5 4690k. Nvidia gtx titan. Dx11. 2560x1600 resolution gave me a score of 5300 even with ffxiv game itself and other programs running. You know we all want vierras Yoshiiiii !! Please Senpai Notice US ;____: anyhow good werk !!! -bows- already made my Au Ra and it will be the one my Elezen changes into!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

much stuff

So much stuff you can do towers alone takes 1-2 hours per char and dont cost fatigue. You need more chars anyway for explorer buff so why not make a second char since there is so many classes to play cheap DFO Gold? That's a pretty poor excuse to quit. Just thought you should know. I mean really. Dark knight doesn't even have an awakening, so he kind of HAS to be powerful.

And if you think HE'S op, you should see the knight. She's stronger than Dark Knight and Avenger combined. :l

You're quitting because they are too powerful? lol....wut? If you think they are powerful, you haven't tried the Knight class yet DFO Gold. But no....instead of finding a way to make use of their power, you quit over a weak player...and to think, this is only OBT... The only one waiting on a wipe is you. And it's never going to happen, as has been proven so many times.

He thinks Neople announced that there will be a wipe after the beta, Anthony Purington. He said as of thousands....but he has no proof on any of his claims. I know he's ignoring us...but he's only hurting himself....badly.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Neople's stand on like turbo buttons

I have a question, what is Neople's stand on like turbo buttons? I have a keyboard that allows me to set keys up to rapid fire a specific key when i hold the button down. it works like the old turbo controllers for like consoles. Thank you for making an effort to clear out these terrible people. Hopefully the seeds of destruction haven't already been  cheap FFXIV gil 
planted by people falling for gold scams and hacking.

what about keyboard sharing software ! allowed or not ? i use 3 computer at the same time let one char clear the map and only use FFXIV gil 
this soft for move the other char to the next stage.

 I never used any tools nor have I ever bought gold and my account was stripped. It's great that you banned the people who ruin the fun but how do I know it won't happen again? I got lucky that they sold my gear and I was able to repurchase some of it so I can keep playing but I don't want my account getting hacked into repeatedly because hackers are able to breach your database. Also I sent an email regarding this, are you going to restore anything that was lost to people who got hacked?

Friday, April 17, 2015

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD in Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD in Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day!

This game was so much better than I expected. I don't usually replay games once I beat them, but I'm well into my second playthrough now. The game has only been out for 2 and buy FFXIV Gil a half weeks and it's already $20 less? That's even faster then the 4 weeks it took for Final Fantasy 13-2 to go down in price. This is ridiculous FFXIV Gil!

It's been 4 days short of a month and it's a 1 day flash sale. The games been out since 2011. They simply jumped the price up to make some cash off of the little bit of work they did to it.

 I mean it is only a rerelease of a PSP title with upgraded graphics, still a fantastic game. This is one of the best FF I have played in years. I'm on chapter 5 right now. I'm enjoying this game. I got 3 of my characters on level 60.

What pisses me off is that people who got the so called "day one" version of the game have been robbed of the loyalty we showed towards this company. This seriously leaves me as a consumer with a very bad impression of how the company treats their loyal consumers. "Day One" means day one not 30 days later! It's bullshit.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

many people sells DFO gold in game

They will most likely be cash items which makes sense. Most people use them for selling items anyways. The only reason there is spam is because of the event. No reason to save them when you'll get more the next day. I doubt it will continue into the release, or not for long after the release anyways.
cheap DFO Gold
I wish the chat boxes were a little more manageable though. That's my only complaint to buy DFO Gold. I have enough mental fortitude to just not read the mega chat, but when 10 megaphones in a row drown out guild or party chat, that's an issue.

During the Alpha, someone figured out how to get Echoes to stop appearing altogether and it had nothing to do with the game's presets for privacy. This 'fix' was found accidentally via manipulation of the chat settings in both full screen and windowed modes.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

how to calculate DFO gold

KST is UTC+09:00 (9 hours ahead of what is known as UTC). That would make 18:00KST = 02:00PST. Basically, FP resets are 2AM PST / 4AM CST / 5AM EST.  I agree with Sean. Though...I think having at least 200 to 250 FP wouldnt hurt too bad, would it?

Well, we already knew this issue and are looking into it to solve the problem as soon as possible. Please wait a little bit more. Sorry for this inconvenience.

That's all we really wanted to know Many were paranoid that making new chars would some-how over-write their old DFO Gold char's spots making them impossible to recover and we would permanently lose the name. I've been commenting and posting Scen#1 for the longest I'm glad it's been seen now hopefully it will be dealt with.

Wipe the alpha characters? Why? Some of us have worked hard for that. We don't want another problem with our characters and work hard for them. We love you! Oh, and make sure you all get enough sleep! We DO NOT want you guys to buy Dungeon Fighter Gold and die on us!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Square Enix Nothing Works

It's been 1 hour since the game is "NETWORK ERROR HAS OCCURED" and i lost FFXIV Gil 1 hunting permit... fucking server !  Can't play either on nexus 5 and most recent version of android. Can start app but it keeps crashing, getting stuck loading all the time. (Constant spinny loading circle).  I have a device with 4.2.2 and dont work to. now Guardian cross to , dont open.

Have you try going into the aplication manager , choose deadman cross , force dentention , run it again and see if it works??  yes, dont work, and now my Guardian Cross cheap FFXIV Gil dont enter too, its the same..I try open and apear the black screen and quit at the same time.... Square Enix Nothing Works.  puff everyone is having problems since the resident evil event , personally , the game get stuck many times while playing the boneyard lets hope square do some maintance soon.

 I can't play now either (Samsung Galaxy Note) just get a message Fatal Error. Rebooting. Then nothing. It was running fine up until an hour ago when there was a data push.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

summoners in FFXIV

Yoshi-P only gets to sleep in event art. Poor guy, don't know how he does it, but I am glad he does. Any word at all on what summoners new summons will be or when they are coming or anything at all?
I heard you guys won the great mmo face off. Oh wait nvm. Hahaha. looks like one is waiting for a dragon, the purple haired elf expecting payment in eggplants cheap FFXIV Gil and the other expecting a tough journey. Is true there is only 1 million of players in FFXIVRR dragón quest and and FFXI? One million subscribers, as of _March 2014_. The Polygon journalist didn't check her facts before writing her story on Jan 2, 2015....

 Absolutely rubbish their server won't let anyone on.  Love this artwork! I see Naoki dreams about Heavensward as well. I'm so excited!!! So sorry a beginner here my game keeps saying server not responding any advice on what to do. I tried so hard to stay up during heavenstrun but I just couldn't and I missed out on festivities T-T

Thursday, March 26, 2015

an MMO like FFXIV

To follow up on that, definitely get a cheap keyboard for your PS4 if you don't have one already, so that you can tell people that you are new and make sure that they are not going to lock you out of boss battles or try to get you to skip cutscenes. If they aren't OK with that, you can quit the duty and try again in 30 minutes.

As a final comment, I hope in the future that veteran players consider that helping new players enjoy the game story (particularly in story-heavy missions like CM and the Praetorium) is a good thing to do cheap FFXIV Gil, and not just a waste of "your" time.

A friendly and helpful community is one of the best things that you can have in an MMO like FFXIV, and it's what will help it prosper and grow into the future.

To be honest, it sounds like you need a welcoming FC that goes along at your pace, or is populated with people that share your type of play style. When you choose to use the Duty Finder, you will be paired up with God knows who - and this is the chance you take.  To follow up on that, definitely get a cheap keyboard for your PS4 if you don't have one already, so that you can tell people that you are new and make sure that they are not going to lock you out of boss battles or try to get you to skip cutscenes. If they aren't OK with that, you can quit the duty and try again in 30 minutes.

Thanks for the advice, will certainly look into that.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

GC Advancement

You have to wait a couple more months until the expansion comes out.  Give me a relic that I can glamour onto better weapons I get from coil, and make sure I spend weeks attainting it! Or make them i135 so I'll actually use them lol FFXIV Gil.  im so addicted with this gae but i have not reached level 50.  I will be getting back on after months of inactivity for that stoopid card game haha.

GC Advancement is going to happen every time the level cap increases, so expect it in 3.0.  Love the game, don't love the stress. I shouldn't have to study a video 10 times to figure out how to do a simple raid. There was just so much to do I had to quit for awhile and play Final Fantasy 11 in order to have any energy left over when the expansion comes out.

  Needing some help my toon won't load for some reason it's stuck in the cryisl or something any one got any advice.  Looking forward to this. Now I just need a crowd of people with Manderville gear to meet up with me tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

PLD was sort of an MP based tank

I always thought PLD was sort of an MP based tank and some new skills post 50 would add to that, but if they are making DKN specialize in MP based tanking, then that means PLD "specialization" is the shield. They should add more to that affect than "Here, equip a shield and you get Bulwark."
Smn and blm share sets.

Sch and whm share sets.

Why shouldnt tanks? While I would prefer every job to have their own gear, the way it is currently is better for the sake of drops not being too extremely random, and it also gives them more time to work on other things in the game like the actual contentz the raids.

I mean right now if a tank piece drops either the warrior or the paladin can get it. Now imagine warrior and paladin have seperate sets, whm and sch have seperate sets as do smn and blm. You just added 3 whole new sets of gear to your loot table, now you have things like healers not getting their jobs gear because they only ever see sch stuff, or your paladin never seeing his set.

I like the way it is right now, but they confirmed a new loot system for Alexander so please look forward to it.
PLD's only native use for MP was Flash anyway. I hope PLD gets more things like Cover than focus on self mitigation.