Tuesday, December 15, 2015

i was a part of the 1st CBT

i was a part of the 1st CBT (got selected from newsletter) and i found some things that could be fixed not actual bugs, mostly translations and some random copy pastes that the team probably made while trying to get some "easy" work done faster but the point is that as a nin founder's pack owner i cant start topics Cheap Blade & Soul Gold at forums or cant PM any1 from the staff to actually give my feedback. Please if u want feedback give access to those that have access to Buy Blade and Soul Gold the game no matter hoe they got access..

I got key and already activate my key, and still can't connect with my original ip. Yeah, i thought there's no ip block.. But why when i used vpn it could connect? unsure emoticon idk if it's only for CBT or forever. But this block is annoying.
 It's on the website, go to ur account support it should be somewhere inthere. You should get a link on yor email. Might be in the FAQs or something like that... Was hard to find and I never got an email with a link lol. Wish I was home to link you. Have you check your spam section of the mail?  I missed alpha because the mail was in my mails spam/junk section. I got a beta key from the Curse voice, so i cant really reply in the fourmss? Unless there is one idont know, but i keep running into infinite loadtime....and so i am forced having to open my task manager and end the client...i hope this will be fixed soon..its very annoying having to wait and cant even go places...

Ya, I've heard from others that the Curse Beta keys do not give access to the official forums. You should create an account on the unoffical forums on www.bladeandsouldojo.com and there are some threads there that may help, and you can post in. I purchased the pack but did not get access to the beta confused emoticon what's wrong with this.  Phai vao trong NC account roi apply Cai code o trong blade and soul moi vao game duoc! Cause they said if u purchase any founders pack , u will have access to all closed beta ! Just go to ur NC account and check if the code is already apply or not! Since i cannot borrow an account from any of you , can someone tell me what is your current ping and in what country?

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