Wednesday, October 28, 2015

FF14 is an MMO fallout 4 OMG

This MMO is already one of the top of the market but, it would get so much more players if they added pvp updates to all their major patches as well... instead of 'exp boosts'. e.e  Thanks a lot buy Aion Kinah. Depuis le premier jeu "mystic quest" en passant par tous les final fantasy connus je suis heureux de découvrir les univers et les mondes que vous créez pour FFXIV. Merci à toute l'équipe de Square Enix. Big kiss from Reunion Island. Yass!!! I always love the dramatic scenes from this game  FF14 is such a great game! I don't understand the people saying "Oh this is bad timing, fallout 4 OMG" etc. FF14 is an MMO, so when new games come out, in my mind, the best thing Square could possible do is release new content so that they lose less people to the other releases. Yeah sure it's inevitable that they will lose some but what do you think would cause them to lose more: having new games release and no new content on FF to keep them around, or having new Aion Gold games release AND new dungeons, story quests, raids, beast tribe quests and all the other content coming out? If you ask me this is a good move not a foolish one.

I play guild wars 2. Is this one similar at all? But how long will the content last? This game is known for players going through content in a months time. Only 'cause a lot of people play it 18 hours a day, lol. v Even with a full time job and a girlfriend, this content would last at maximum.... 1 month. Considering it took 5 months to release this patch that's unacceptable.Alexander Savage has one of the lowest clear rates of any dungeon in any MMO. Hardly easy.

Sean OftheDead not because of difficulty, but dps checks that were gated by gear checks you could not get until you got eso tomes later on. Even those who cleared it said it wasnt hard.. just required better gear. scripted raids are just that.. scripted. Learn the script the raid becomes a snooze. Games need to go back to the old raids in EQ1 and UO days where the bosses were epic, had no specific script it did and had a list of moves it could do that you had to be prepared for. Those were challenging.

No expansion on zodiac weapons? Probably right after or before Xmas. 3.15 is half way through out, or possibly very fast. Anima Weapons will drop in December or January.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

my kid playing Final Fantasy XXXII

finally quit after 5 years of hope ,better make a new one , ffxiv is already dead. No it's not. People say that for literally every single game when it is in a content drought. Over 4 million subs....far from dead buddy. FFS ABOUT TIME Sean Comley at least a mention of it makes me more enthusiastic.  Ya its nice to know its actually going to happen instead of it being a joke that's talked about for months. These screenshots show a lot of bosses, you see one just flying above in the clouds, still no relic though, another derp patch.

Game is to boring now. Says the non savage player. So still boring. I bet there is a Vincent hidden in one of those coffins tanks same dungeon ~15 times Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils . Maybe a wind-up Vincent. coming soon? all my classes are lv60, i need something new to do. lol get a life... says the guy on facebook a thursday afternoon. Pretty brash Hugo. Why you gotta hate? maybe i should follow his advice and get a life working at "Shinra's electric power company" like he does... Rene you pretty much referred to yourself with that comment so you're an idiot. Also, a lot of people don't put their jobs on Facebook cause some people like privacy but I could say the same for you since you have nothing on your profile? But this is coming from a guy who is too insecure to put a pic of himself so he puts pictures of his cat with 13 friends FFXIV Gil... Yeah I have no life alright...

Either way I'm not the one who level 60 on all classes in 3 months so anything you say will be invalid.  I won't say get a life. You have one it's just in pixels. Try playing something else. Your hateful comment comes off as jealous , it's hardly any work to get all classes to 60 you can have a pretty busy life and levelling will still be a's just painfully boring. It's also been 5 months, and if he had all classes 50 prior to HW then it would be even quicker to level to 60.... geez... i'm so old... one day i will see my kid playing Final Fantasy XXXII and so on. Mine is about to hit 18, and yes, he plays.