Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I have a million FFXIV Gil

What about steam's version? No discounts? Up to you. No need buy 2 also can play. First one is lvl 1-50. Second one is lvl 50-60 plus all the end game content. That's if....you can reach there. Lol.  We need plushies with discount! How shitty of you SE ... why not look after your British fellows......?? How about you discount timecards instead? We need this promo on steam pretty please. FFXIV Gil Moogle mount isn't on sale....wow. :\ Thanks. if you want to get heavensward soon lol. I may have a house or two to sell on Balmung! I got a medium one, but haven't logged on in over 3 months. I gave to my friend to hold for me, but what's your pricing range?

Would be great. You know if the mog station would update. i have so many reward points i'll never use cause the shipping for an item is 50$, wish i could use those on downloadable games, i'm not paying 50$ for an eco bag...  I'd love to log back in and pick up 14 again - but I had to change phones and theres no way to contact support without logging in and you can't log in without the security token....which I can't remove because I changed phones.Perfect if your friend is looking to get it.

 I don't understand how anyone has money to buy a house lol. I'm playing heavensward content now and only have a million Gil. Eh i've seen far worse housing in other mmo's. Cheap FFXIV Gil As for the demolition they give you constant e-mails about the time. It really is your own fault if you don't pay any attention to that... They make it pretty clear and give you plenty of warnings, even if you're too inept to look at them by your own admittance. "If I am paying regularly that should be enough" Well it's not. And the policies were put in place so people who, you know, actually PLAY the game can own their own part of the world they inhabit obviously more often than you do. These are not new terms and you didn't even end up losing it so I don't even know what your point is, stop being a whiny little bitch.

An easy fix is to just get an apartment. As far as I'm aware, you don't need to log in regularly to prevent it from being demolished. Not FC apartments, but the new apartments they implemented. Someone can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. As good as I am at interior design this isn't worth me renewing my subscription.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blade and Soul 24 man dungeons

Indeed its RNG to get the lg ss chest right from loot box, but its really rare. Most people just collect the flowers and exchange it to the NPC. It's going take a long time, but it's the easiest lg 24man raid, considering the dailies only required you to kill up to Stage 3(boss of Exterminator hp). People only do it until stage 3 (thats how it is in TW). You only do stage 5 for achievement to unlock exchange ss slot 6,7,8. While stage 6 for fun, title, etc. You can even farm the dungeon to collect the flowers. People use it for ss bonus stats, BIS only after u collect all 8.

Im using laptop i5-5200u + 840m, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I get 15-25 fps, not comfortable, but good enough to dps the turtle. Btw you dont bid ss in this raid lol, theres a rare purple chest that can drop from mobs around, but getting lg ss from it is like 1%. Vinicius Nogueira i have an i5 4690k gtx 770 desktop and i have no probpem running open world content like BW and SSP never under 30 fps without ctrl+f. Which is very playable. Fps does drop on my gtx 960m laptop tho even with ctrl+f. If you say that your 1070 is weaker than my 770 theres a big problem here.

Hmm nice!! Altho i hope some of the rarely played 24 man dungeons get a revision too. Because Zaiwei is more desolate than an actual desert. Or Nightshade harbor too. Hmm nice!! Altho i hope some of the rarely played 24 man dungeons get a revision too. Because Zaiwei is more desolate than an actual desert. Or Nightshade harbor too. Ok 24 man... Buy Blade and Soul Gold i wonder how many stages NA can finish. Lucky we have no specific mechanics in Skypetal. One serious problem i noticed is that we often have communication problem.. a.k.a Silent party.

It have pretty simple mechanics. Also NA is highly overgeared for this dungeon so, 6th stage is totally possible. You need like 700+ with good ping to beat the enrage timer of stage 6. He has 120m hp iirc. Not hard if you go look the BW in lvl 45 times... lol and BW in time is 2 lvl more than us with 90M, so, tell me why is hard beat stage 6 with actually gear...