Tuesday, May 23, 2017

FFXIV heavensward collectors edition

Steam and PC occupy the same license voucher on mogstation but are distinct copies. you may have to make a new account to use steam.seriously? That's some la--Nevermind. Well, I guess I'll just have to not use steam!  Already preordered. The cost for the physical collector's edition is too much anyway. Hopefully it's bigger than that overpriced heavensward collectors edition. What a letdown that was.  thats awesome for the steam players! (im a non steam user but i support!)  If it's at least 4x bigger than the heavensward dragon (which was tiny as all hell) than it'd be worth. It's pretty standard as far as figures go, FFXIV Gil definitely not 4x bigger from what I've seen though haha. the collectors edition is way overprice and i better not get started on the statue...expertly crafter my a...hope they made this one better quality and bigger size for the people that are getting it(especially seeing the strange price increase).

 thats awesome for the steam players! (im a non steam user but i support!) Erick been holding off on preordering the Steam version. I guess there's no holding off now!  Pre ordered the physical ver (£180) I got the early access code but the only thing I see is the minion and the earring but I see no mount and the other stuff. Why is that?Buy FFXIV Gil because the minion and the earring and preorder bonuses. the mount is a collector's edition bonus. you won't get it until release. Wait, you got your minion and earrings already? No yet. its listed on rewards but nothing about the rest of bonuses.

 I mean... it's kinda cool that it happened, but what about us that already pre-ordered through Steam?  Nooooes ive already pre-ordered and now they bring out a box for steam T So wait r they adding a tank in sb because i heard samuria is a dps and dancer will b a helaer and red mage is a dps i havent heard of any tank class? And they already have problems with people not wanting to be tanks. They show dancer in the trailer lol or at least i assumed that was dancer and thats what everyone else assumes lol. No Dancer, the girl in the trailer is a Monk.

Dancer was purely speculation. She's just a Monk. There are only two jobs being added (Red Mage and Samurai) and they're both DPS. Just seems odd because now its gonna be damn near impossible to find a tank or a healer lol samurai needed to be tank and dancer needed to be added. They did it like this because they found it really difficult to properly make three classes at the same time with heavensward (which when you think of how much astrologian got patched after makes sense), so they decided to do two dps this time, since dps is the most played and they didnt want to upset the 3 tank and 3 healer balance that exists currently. Thats what Yoshida said at the fan festival anyways.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Blade and Soul Trey Durrant Are

Trey Durrant Are you blind? Their shop is full of pay 2 advance faster and RNG based chests. If it was ONLY cosmetics i wouldn't have a problem with this. I quit this game because even AP gems were only in CHESTS and RNG BASED. You have to grind your life in this game or pay to play. George Phantasm Galatanu no one is forcing you the other way.. You could just play and enjoy the game either complaining. Welp, you make 40g if not more doing dungeons. It takes 2hrs to do them all, Blade and Soul Buy Gold in 1 week you will have 250+ in gold. Is not that hard to get.  George Phantasm Galatanu no one is forcing you the other way.. You could just play and enjoy the game either complaining. Welp, you make 40g if not more doing dungeons. It takes 2hrs to do them all, in 1 week you will have 250+ in gold. Is not that hard to get.
cheap blade and soul gold

Ugly costume > U don't have to care about it and just spec for the other items in the event. They do care about us . People constantly come here to whine about the game. Most of you are probably playing it for free. If you're not paying a sub, don't complain. Tho i hate peach farming. I need 2 shadow stones so looks like ima be spending my days in the celestial basin of hell again. When they put on masculine clothes that is great see, just look at that garbage of clothes that has the male jin this horrifying. Such awful costumes... Oh lmfao that brat comment are missing. Hey post some another lame complaining here about p2w system kappa. Peak hours because celestial basin is finally not over crowded. Gunwon, you have to walk there from the nearest windstride.vent with certain time is ridiculous I will not be home at this time.

Is 700AP enough to go celestial basin ? The more ugly outfits we get the faster they will be gone :^ The Grand Phoenix Costume won’t be around forever, so be sure to make a sizzle and get it before May 3! Greetings! There was but it's over now. You can always have a look at our official forums to keep up with our maintenance: .i wish all upgrade soul shield and gem will activated soon..and all drop dress can salvage to earn items to make another customized dress with power-up.  I don't even need it lol, I would use it to buy gold and upgrade my weapons and others instead of useless skin that has nothing to do wirh your AP.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

FFXIV Patch 3.57

I personally think the jump potions are a bad idea. If you jump directly to being able to do Stormblood(or if they add it later than that) people won't learn their class and be able to actually play(look what Palace of the Dead did....so many fail tanks and healers; and yes, I do use PotD but only to finish off a level of I've done my daily roulettes)people have played since the beginning of 2.X and still dont know their classes. jump potions wont make it any worse......Cheap FFXIV Gil at least PotD got people out of their comfort zones to try other classes for better or for worse. given they are also revamping abilities in 4.X I think even veterans may have to relearn their classes as well. should be interesting to see.

For the record I would totally be on board with the jump potions. You lose players because nobody wants to play through every expansion and patch to get to the latest game. People don't have time, and if they want to experience it they can just go back. Or read wiki or watch YouTube. There are tons of ways to experience the story other than being forced to play through it.  If you had done any amount of research you'd have known that you needed to finish the 2.X stories to get into the 3.0 areas. What part of story focused do you not understand lol. You are just being lazy. Bet you are the cutscene skipping type of person. No matter what game it is. If you "don't have time" then an MMO isn't your game... If you don't want story, then Final Fantasy isn't your franchise.If you don't like either, I hear WoW is still going strong.

 I totally understand newer players not wanting to go through the 2.X grind. I really do. A friend of mine just had to go through it all again when she made a new account. It's a pain. FFXIV Gil That being said, I think it should only let them skip 2.X and not 3.X. 3.X is very small in quest size compared to 2.X. 3.X will still be relevant even at the start of Stormblood, unless the potion is dropped much later on in the expansion life cycle. Kristi Howell I agree that a lot of relearning will be done with the revamping of skills. And reorganizing of skill bars(BLM Thunder changes is the first to come to mind with it potrntially going from a three tier spell to just one that scales based on level), and it will throw some for a loop until they figure it out. I'm looking forward to being able to change things up, even though I don't really know healer, or most of the ranged DPS(I main DRG, BLM and DRK)

That's right, you gotta research expansion packs before you buy them now! It's a matter of respect, I'll never forget when star craft released its expansion and I couldn't play it before I completed the first. Or borderlands, or Diablo, or...

Monday, April 10, 2017

FFXIV is the most stagnant game

Despite all the weird game mechanics and such, I still had the best time playing late game 1.0 than I ever did in 2.0. The graphics were vivid and came to life. I'll never forget the first time seeing he night sky in 1.0 while Dalamud was falling and just being awestruck at how deep and real, but fantastic the view was. Exploring the world was a wild experience due to the unknown danger and large open areas and all the nooks and crannies to explore. It just felt... like an actual place in a real world somewhere. It has definitely evolved since 1.0, more so than any other MMO can claim. Their current model obviously works for them and thousands of others. FFXIV Gil I just miss being able to go into Sastasha or Dzemael Darkhold and feel like it was an actual unique adventure and getting lost in the labyrinth of these dungeons was a very real concern.

Next time you guys make another mmorpg, could you make it for PC only, your limiting yourself by making them for the consoles. Example: your Summoner and Black Mage in FF11 is so much better than the same jobs in FF14 all because your limited to the console play in 14. Daniel Bone "First launched" yes, but it was getting large amounts of subs once the job system was released. Hell, the game was booming in the last year. Many of the environs were definitely rushed, but it wasn't too far from what an actual forest, desert, Cheap FFXIV Gil or highlands would look like. After all, the "sameness" of an environment is what makes it more lifelike.

Nice one! They have been trying out new things with regular updates and expansions :) swimming is next! you can completely tell the difference between old dungron content to new. I hope they continue to slowly try new techniques as the story/game progresses. What exactly are they limiting themselves on lol.  They had XI on xbox and ps too so i call not valid.

Nice one! They have been trying out new things with regular updates and expansions :) swimming is next! you can completely tell the difference between old dungron content to new. I hope they continue to slowly try new techniques as the story/game progresses. Evolving game? I would say FFXIV is the most stagnant game I've ever played. Grind for tomes to get max ilvl gear, until we update and you repeat that process. Been playing since ARR released and that's been the end-game the ENTIRE TIME.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

FFXIV Astrologian pin

And here I am just waiting for an Astrologian pin. We want moogle slippers. Hey man, how's it going? Long time since we spoke, hey you haven't seen a wallet lying around with money in it have you? smh  Sell some amiibers.  I think if you were to click the link you would find out exactly that. Aweee really thats Buy FFXIV Gil long was hoping you would just tell me instead of me replying to u now no one will tell me so now i have to cheers dude means alot ive worked hard on this laziness all day ya no.Yeah, we can see you work really hard on your laziness.

Stuffed animals. I have the Emerald Carbuncle. He's very cute! Art has always been an integral part of the Final Fantasy experience, and you can now have access to more of it then ever – the FFXIV art book “The Scars of War” is now available in limited numbers! Head on over to the store to secure your copy, including a Wind-Up Hraesvelgr code! I hope the new DLC has some fun new abilities for tanks (healers also) as we are not getting any new classes. Um. We are getting the Samurai class in Stormblood. That's new! SAM is a dps but still its nice to see new classes regardless. I'm still a newbie tank and I suck at healing onnps4 but i do the best I can. I pretty much exclusively play tank and it's getting a bit bland so hopefully the cross class gets reworked nice to make things a bit more fun.

The only tank and healer skills that matter is Insta-Queue. (y). At this point, it feels like you are paying for the Minion (DLC)..  I hope this game comes to Xbox One FFXIV Gil. I played FFXI on Xbox 360 for years. I'd definitely get it if they bring it to Xbox One. But but but moneys.... I'm a ffxiv 1.0 and still don't know what this is trials of bahamut is, i know what is it about but what is this? A movie? A play? Some convention? an escape room i believe. ^this company however does it based off of Anime and famous japanese videogame themes. Yo go in with friends and try to complete challenges and puzzles within a time limit.  Your game have a flaw (i try it). You can't be a bad guy -_-... Stuff like the dark side of the force u know, kill the npc ect... Not funny... :-(waugh Sams! I wanna do it! But it's too faarrrrrr ;~;!!!!! yo the LA dates are out 6/16-6/18 with prepurchase specials what ya thinks?!?

The thing event thing is on sale right now and if you prepurchase tickets it's like $7 cheaper per person. Zackary Rhodes can u grab mine and ill pay u back? we have some people that are coming to.  Do we need to buy as a group? Or do we group up there? If we gotta buy as a group to do it together, I can just pay whatever the amount is if you're buying the tickets Zackary Rhodes.  Zackary Rhodes my group(s) got tickets for 9PM on Sat. Not sure what times are still available but some are sold out for at least on Saturday when we bought ours. Hoping it'll be a fun time.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

FFXIV Wayward Hatchling are on sale for 30%

(NA) The Emerald/Topaz Carbuncle & Wayward Hatchling are on sale for 30% off during the SE Spring Sale! Shame that Australian customers can't order them since the EU store we have to use only has "digital" items. :( FFS, Square Enix, show us some love!  I use a deputy service to get goods out of Japan and anywhere in the world, I wonder if he does US only stuff to other parts of the world as well.... Look up Shopping Mall Japan, and see if they can help.  I want to shame SE into offering it to us too, why have the EU/AU shop at all if all they are willing to send us is digital codes? This is not rocket science. (I already use such services from Japan as well, but that's for companies that don't even have a presence for EU/AU...) probably because people complain about shipping charges, or the risks involved with international shipping. in my 18 years of buying things online from all over the world, Ive only had 2 negative experiences ... so for me, thats a pretty good track record.

Last time I ordered from square was the hevensware collectors edition. Customs held it for a week, it came 2 weeks late and I had to pay 20$ to get it out of customs. FFXIV Gil Square Enix offers me no compensation. So you'll excuse me if I never order from them again. Customs isn't their problem... If anyone, it's USPS and everyone knows they won't compensate anyone for anything. if you read the small print when you buy things, it says that you as the purchaser are responsible for any customs fees and taxes on your purchase, and you have to tick a box to agree to that. I dont understand why youre angry about it.

It's your responsibility to educate yourself about the customs process in your country.  I wonder how much sales would increase if you folks didn't gouge customers on freight costs. Cheap FFXIV Gil Its international shipping. Maybe I dont get around very much...but is that supposed to be cheap?? How about a sale on shipping. Would love to buy but us Canadians get the shaft bigtime... I would TOTALLY buy these , IF YOU WOULD SHIP TO AUSTRALIA .. but you dont.  Yeah the last time i bought the carbies i had to get them through some one on ebay. Yay time to buy my wife that Emerald Carbuncle I promised her :P  Im still waiting over 48 hrs on my digital pc copy of ffxiv lol. Square your store is terrible.

Do you guys plan on getting a shipment of those cait sith plushies any time soon? not on sale on the UK store though? At least can't see it. Can see it on the US one. Think yourself lucky the UK has a store. All Australia gets is a shitty digital purchase store. this. I want these. I would pay for the shipping, but we dont get that option. Suck so be Aussie.   I want a carbuncle for my carbuncle but I can't throw anymore cash away for a few months. Sweet looking forward to buying it! I love anything Final Fantasy in products.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

FFXIV Flying out tomorrow

Wonder if they will let us into part two of the final part of heavensward, and hoping to see the reveal of the 2nd stormblood class, this weekend should be good. Didn't they already confirm Red Mage, and Samurai? The schedule says the keynote is at 10am im assuming its 10am gmt which its like 5am est correct? 10:30am local time as far as I am aware which would be GMT+1 So i live est right so it would be live streaming at like 5am? Im aweful with time zones especially when its not listed on schedule. Cheap FFXIV Gil Are we gonna learn anything new about RDM? I'm so excited to see more. Would have bought the stream if I wasn't at Anime Milwaukee at the time.

 Can't wait to watch this live and finally get my in-game Yuna minion! I'd love to purchase this stream, but 30 dollars is a little rediculous. Flying out tomorrow can't wait for it.  I'd love to purchase this stream, but 30 dollars is a little rediculous. Can't wait to watch this live and finally get my in-game Yuna minion!   Kuplipo is overseeing the set-up of the venue! He keeps saying the Fan Fest is so close he can feel it in his pom!  You will deliver this moogle to my address immediately. What the other Kevin said. The main story quest of the first game is really 75 hours. Then you have heavensward to play through. Buy FFXIV Gil It's worth it for sure. Just be aware that in order to get to the expansions you have to play through the entire main story. Great story tho.

 Will there be extra spaces for Nobuo? :( So many people were @ work when mails were sent..  I have the same feeling here. I was on my way from work when I got the mail and didn't got a chance to get it. And on top of that they've send the emails 3 hours later, so people who even took a break @ work to check their email during noon, didn't even get a chance :s I didnt even get the email, my mate got it 4 hours later so we both didnt even get a look in, pretty unfair really... Next door at the maritim and already stupidly excited o/ get the tinglies every time we go outside and get faced with the festhalle. it seems my moogle has been going places lol.

Word of warning NEVER use the crysta system to purchase ANYTHING. They don't tell you at the check out that it's none refundable if you make a mistake you have to go look for it. I had to give up my job to become a carer for my very sick mother and two autistic brothers when my Dad left my Mum for another woman and with the last of my wage bought £50 worth of crysta to buy game time. I bought it on the wrong account and they would not give me the money back. I feel robbed! I have told everyone on all forum I am involved with what happened and advised them to NEVER EVER USE THE CRYSTA SYSTEM. I will NEVER play this game again. The customer service is really bad and it's criminal what they do.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Final fantasy 15 is super great

Dear " Square Enix's " Final fantasy 15 is super great. But, without " VR " The wonderful scenery, and night scary and in cave dark challenges the could be profound experience is not there. Is a big jump from final fantasy 10 to here and now 15 and the progress is over whelming. But to set your self apart from any game ever. Or, should I say: final fantasy 15 is the only game in the world that actually need it's own platform to be play. You need Final fantasy 15 + VR experience = 's FFXIV Gil The big boy in town. thank you. It's called culling in the feast, as a way to cull the standstill.

Plus, they name it, they rule what goes. Grammar nazi fail. Always amusing. Ticket sales for the Fan Festival 2017 in Frankfurt live stream are now available! If you can't make it to the event but want to stay on top of the huge list of events and announcements planned for the Fan Fest, you can do so from the comfort of your home, and get the exclusive Yuna minion too!  Not worth the £30 price for the items. Even of you got both attires it would still be a push. The mog suit was infinitely better and cheaper too.  Agreed. 90 for 3 minions and a glamour. The content and just be watched elsewhere. I would quite like the Lulu minion. But that price is insane. Buy FFXIV Gil Pretty sure it was something like £15 back in 2014 for y mog suit and i can wear the pieces with anything. That was an investment, this is lunacy.

 The price includes being able to watch the stream as well. It's a decent price for all of that. Stream is released for free later. And £30 is not a decent price for a stream. That's like paying £30 for renting a movie online which will show up free shortly after. The money is for the in game extras. I mean you don't even get all 3 streams.  Really sucks we don't get a third glamour option. Otherwise why pay all that money for just a minion.... The information will be spammed over FB anyways. I would buy it, I would buy all of them but I already have Yuna costume and I dont wanna get 3 of them...Was it that hard to give us RIkus costume? I can wait for screen shots of the samurai class until 1 minute after they show it on stream. Thanks tho se.

Nope already wasted my money on that garbage you call ffxv will no longer give any more money to se.  I really wanted one of those fan bags but I can't afford that, prices of eBay are mad for the las Vegas ones. My last chance to get something out of this.... I'm glad I moved on from this kind of stuff...  Anyone know the where to buy the older streams? can I still purchase Japan stream? The last Fan Festival of our World Tour is just around the corner with merely three weeks to go! Confused by all the recent updates? Too much to remember? No worries - you can find all the recent updates in this handy dev blog article!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blade & Soul’s 1st Anniversary Festival begins January 18

Blade & Soul’s 1st Anniversary Festival begins January 18!  "is a free to play game" just give us hundreds of dollars and buy a chest from our cash shop that will give you items that are worth hundreds of gold and you can sell them on the market place so you can upgrade your gear in 1 week 10 times more than a free player upgrades his in 1 year.  They have to make $ either way lol but its optional at least no need pay to play xD.  I like the the lazy people who cry that this game is "P2W" it isn't. I'm f2p play 3-5 hours a day and I'm 772 AP with all legends except belt. One thing I can agree on is OPTIMIZE THE GAME.

 its only f2p game, Buy Blade and Soul Gold pls, lets uninstall it and play offline Game. Not much can be done to the game since the engine it's running is over a decade old.  What they could do is make the game on a newer engine. I understand it's easier said than done. But that's the only thing I can think of. One can only do so much with 10yr old tech. Nah, they think bns is a low profit product and doesnt worth update the engine ( which could take long time + resources)Michael Beaver I agree. That's the one thing they have got to do. They need to make a new 32bit client and a 64bit client. That would eliminate a LOT of problems.

Couple of questions. The weapon skin removal system: Cheap Blade and Soul Gold does this apply to skins we currently have applied to our hongmoon weapon? Also...with the addition of the new samurai armor, will we lose our opportunity to have the silver dragon outfit? If I sign up right now for the year long membership will I get the Silver Dragon? Thanks!If u sign up before the maintenance at 18th yes u will get the Silver Dragon as for the weapon skin you simply get it back in ur inventory nothing special and it applies for the current skin as well as long as u remove it after the patch.  1st they said it wouldn't be p2w.... now it is p2w :| so many lies.I couldn't accept those lies so i dropped the game in Recycle Bin.

What do you really win by paying though? No one does the 6v6's almost, the PvP is setup to where you do not have anymore power than a level 30 with the exception of Skill Points, and PVE Dungeons can be done without Legendaries. this made my day "In addition, we’re adding a new tier of Legendary Pet quality with Unleashed Pet, which can be attained through transmutation." I am sorry but legendary pets are here like for a 3-4 months and still didnt get a legendary one, cuz wtf expensive and totaly p2w, and now we're getting a new tier? cmon. What about broke your stupid rng and make possible to get them as f2p without spending real money or golds which are from p2w players? like beat dung and drop ? maybe ?

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

FFXIV Red Mage vs Blue Mage

Why would he hide a story character that we all know will return and the story will pick up from that? also can be a double meaning, either way only yoshida knows what he means in regards to that.  It could also reference the fact that we don't know where Estinien is currently, he's effectively lost to us for now, Buy FFXIV Gil and was the Azure Dragoon for a good time. You can read anything into it if you try.Why would he hide a story character that we all know will return and the story will pick up from that? also can be a double meaning, either way only yoshida knows what he means in regards to that.

The best explanation I've read was that Red Mage (crimson) was announced in Japan (where the sun doth rise) and that Blue Mage (azure) will be announced on Germany (where the sun doth fall).   Man, been trying to download the game for 2 days now. The download keeps stopping and getting an error saying unable to update patch. It shouldn't be this difficult just to download a game. Did you try googling the error code? I ran into issues installing the game on my new phone and it turned out the fix was fairly simple but one I never would have thought of on my own. Yeah, I tried so many things. Actually got it to work though. Oddly, taking all the .exe files out of the boot folder temporarily while it was downloading did it. I have no idea why it worked, though lol.

 I'll be really disappointed if you don't add Samurai... Probably would quit the game, a bit tired of playing NIN and WAR while waiting for my desired class to come... Cheap FFXIV Gil Are we actually going to get capes now that PS3 is dead? Half the ppl playing have tails that would clip through them something awful.. Be fair there isn't much costume that goes well with cape really. I think more people would use the hide cape function than people that would use it . lol like with Terra in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, psp wasnt powerful enough but when 2.5 came out they were able to show the cape, I assume the same with ps4.

Russell Ackers clipping is already a major issue. Especially with AuRa. might as well ignore it and give us capes. Hell, Heavensward gave casters "half cape" thingies that were legit. Either one is equally likely right now. In fact there's more evidence for Blue Mage. I will say however my gut says it's going to be Samurai.