Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blade & Soul’s 1st Anniversary Festival begins January 18

Blade & Soul’s 1st Anniversary Festival begins January 18!  "is a free to play game" just give us hundreds of dollars and buy a chest from our cash shop that will give you items that are worth hundreds of gold and you can sell them on the market place so you can upgrade your gear in 1 week 10 times more than a free player upgrades his in 1 year.  They have to make $ either way lol but its optional at least no need pay to play xD.  I like the the lazy people who cry that this game is "P2W" it isn't. I'm f2p play 3-5 hours a day and I'm 772 AP with all legends except belt. One thing I can agree on is OPTIMIZE THE GAME.

 its only f2p game, Buy Blade and Soul Gold pls, lets uninstall it and play offline Game. Not much can be done to the game since the engine it's running is over a decade old.  What they could do is make the game on a newer engine. I understand it's easier said than done. But that's the only thing I can think of. One can only do so much with 10yr old tech. Nah, they think bns is a low profit product and doesnt worth update the engine ( which could take long time + resources)Michael Beaver I agree. That's the one thing they have got to do. They need to make a new 32bit client and a 64bit client. That would eliminate a LOT of problems.

Couple of questions. The weapon skin removal system: Cheap Blade and Soul Gold does this apply to skins we currently have applied to our hongmoon weapon? Also...with the addition of the new samurai armor, will we lose our opportunity to have the silver dragon outfit? If I sign up right now for the year long membership will I get the Silver Dragon? Thanks!If u sign up before the maintenance at 18th yes u will get the Silver Dragon as for the weapon skin you simply get it back in ur inventory nothing special and it applies for the current skin as well as long as u remove it after the patch.  1st they said it wouldn't be p2w.... now it is p2w :| so many lies.I couldn't accept those lies so i dropped the game in Recycle Bin.

What do you really win by paying though? No one does the 6v6's almost, the PvP is setup to where you do not have anymore power than a level 30 with the exception of Skill Points, and PVE Dungeons can be done without Legendaries. this made my day "In addition, we’re adding a new tier of Legendary Pet quality with Unleashed Pet, which can be attained through transmutation." I am sorry but legendary pets are here like for a 3-4 months and still didnt get a legendary one, cuz wtf expensive and totaly p2w, and now we're getting a new tier? cmon. What about broke your stupid rng and make possible to get them as f2p without spending real money or golds which are from p2w players? like beat dung and drop ? maybe ?

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