Friday, January 22, 2016

Probably going to play Force Master and Blade Dancer

Already playing. I'm a lv38 Lyn Force Master at the moment.  im planning on Summoner, but I will prolly have a Force User fairly quick too heh.  Stop nagging about the que. This is not the place for it.  Hey, when will you finish transferring? I've been waiting so long. Please solve the ticket number.

Probably going to play Force Master and Blade Dancer like I did with the Russian server I played on. For starter summoner are easy to use can tank almost soloing to Blade and Soul Gold every dungeon no need potion to much and summ has a companion already( great nekosama),so... hell yea i'll play summoner and then BM. too much bots spamming on the chat room selling in game money and lvling service, please look into this matter, it is very annoying .

Can anyone tell me the size of this game for download? i saw it and seens like its a very nice game. I'll start off with a male lyn summoner, but my main will be a female jin assassin. Can you play blade and soule on a laptop? And how to I download it? Do I go threw ncsoft on Jan 19 or do I have to make a qq account because I already have a qq account. Advise anybody? Thanks!

no ty. 3 days in que for mushin server Buy Blade and Soul Gold You guys should have done a stress testing for obt.. qq account? this isnt blade and soul china lmfao. Just sign up for account and download the game. They already posted the link 8 days ago.   Also on a laptop, depends what graphic card you have. Some doesnt play on medium/high settings. You can play all on low setting but you wont be able to get a nice crispy graphic look but still playable. Check here if your laptop will be able to run on minium requirement: I have one final question sorry for being a boo but can you link up an Xbox one controls to use on blade and soul? I use it on skyrim steam but was curious it it could work on bns aswell.

Monday, January 11, 2016

a warlock class, please respond Blade & Soul

Great goal guys! I (we) knew that B&S was gonna be an awesome MMO even for EU! Keep on your hard work and you'll get more and more satisfactions! Just like to stressed out that lvl 50 cap and warlock should be inlcuded but its ok if it will be implemented a month after release knowing that Soul Fighter is already there for korea or china i guess. Blade & Soul,what is minimum system requirements for the game?

I use Win7, but with 2GB RAM (my old pc), will have problems BNS Gold, cuz for Win7 the game want 3GB RAM... I guess it will run pretty good if you lower the settings a bit.  I knew it! Grats to all of u and Hyung-Tae Kim for his wonderful master piece art he make for us!

Will there be a warlock class, please respond Blade & Soul. Warlock class will be released in a later content patch. They plan to release "Chapters", so to speak, and Warlock will be in one of those. Awww so as a free user i would have to delete my existing char if i wanna start with warlock all over again.You have two free character slot as free player i guess so reserve the other character for warlock when available.  The article inside this link has wrong information..It states that open beta will start Blade & Soul Gold ..

I am sure several people have asked. But for name reservations, how will that work? Will an email be sent out? is there a specific time that will start? Congrats! Maybe we can have some good presents on the headstart? Like free gold? Congratz, you guys need to let it piss, free costumes... make the release date 01.05.2016 ... can`t wait till the release .