Tuesday, May 19, 2015

main story quest An Uninvited Ascian picture

letter for you produser you are fucking around the players of ff7!! giving us junk ff hd junk ff15!! why dont you remaster ff7 it may give us a happy day gaming!! than junk of yours!!

Huh? What the hell are you talking about? FFXIV's Producer has nothing to do with FFXV or that remastered FFVII of yours.

 i wanna change my pass cuzz i cant login into the game and i forgot what i put on birthdate ... can some one help me.I have heard dungeons are cross server will you be fixing them or will they go neglected? 5 hour queue.

 It says in picture on the right hand side of screen dungeon The Chrysalis, for main story quest An Uninvited Ascian picture also shows the queue time of 5 hours
There's no reason for doing Chrysalis other than help friends or just fun, so this kind of content usually get very long queues. cheap FFXIV gil What about getting your own party on Party Finder or ask for friends to help?Last time i did Chrysalis was last week and it didn't take more than 30 min as SMN, probably because there's still people doing the roulette.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

dfo gold transactions is normal

It does nothing to stabilize prices when you have to wait a week to see if the item you're looking for is put up. It does nothing to stabilize prices to see that item you have been waiting for a week or two be put up for an extraordinary amount of DFO Gold , forcing you to either make the choice of buying it or waiting another week for the chance that someone will put it up for a lower amount.

There are many factors that go into the increase of price of a product, do not think that you know for sure it is one single thing. I even mentioned this in my post. The RMTers have not lost anything, they have tripled their profits. Now, as you said, because all cheap DFO Gold transactions happen in 2 days, Neople now has a harder time tracking down the RMTers as thousands of transactions happen in the span of two days. This should have drove down the price of gold, because the botters are not being stopped, they are still making billions upon billions of gold a day. There's a reason why they say it's instant delivery, that's because they have a huge surplus. When you start seeing them say 'delivery in 10-15 minutes, 24 hours etc" that is when you know their supply is dwindling and the actions taken against them are working. Limiting the AH does nothing at all.

Neople does not have the health of the game in mind, they are a company seeking profit. If they see more red than green, they will pull the game. The fact that we are seeing a trickle of content instead of all the content being released is proof of this. They are milking the community, trying to keep players playing for longer, which increases their chance to stay with the game and buy items with Cera.

Get rid of dfo bots

I stand behind Neople! Get rid of dfo bots, btw the players themselves need a way to report on those bots. Since you can't IP ban them, maybe get some volunteer GMs that have authority to ban by a couple clicks of the mouse. Obviously very trusted people should have this authority. It should be easy as well for normal players to submit reports through the client.

i may be DFO Gold the only one still ranting about it but wouldnt a ah/shop pass thats purchasable from the cash shop be one of the most effective way to kill off the bots? since they would have to still purchass through neople to sell gold

im pretty sure the fansbase my self included wouldnt mind paying a small fee to access cheap DFO Gold the auction house like a 1 day or 1 week service to sweeten the deal we could get an extra token a day and a skelly key or keido boxes remmy touches and asorted cash shop items as a daily give away for the duration of the service.

Bots will just get around it by paying the fee 2 ., cus they are totally not making any money by selling they gold. Let's noobies do their bitching and bring her out.  Lol, in that case, she will never be released, since the amount of actual complaints about it are so high!