Friday, March 11, 2016

Blade & Soul Character

More like ""Blade & Soul does a lot to make sure the player always feels like a complete idiot that does stupid things all for the sake of pushing the story forward." I too saw things happening, and could predict the outcome of the story... when my character was all like "durr... a hurpa durp SPLOOGE". You have to understand this things happen in animes Blade & Soul Gold ..and is fun for them. Is an anime action/ yea..Is full of anime cliche.

Naj Agamao This one has actually video WITh ur character in it. .was JUST A BIT more interesting than most other mmo to check out lols. Naj Agamao Who said that? Where did I say that? Just because you and others don't care about the story doesn't mean that everyone shouldn't care about it, especially those that have been playing the foreign versions, where I hear that the Player Character is less of an idiot and more of a jerk in story for those versions. Michael Sagoe I think he was making a facetious remark Buy Blade and Soul Gold on the majority of MMORPG players, who just quest grab and run.

 I donnoe, the problem I have with this game is the frequent framerate drops. The game is far from perfect though. If this game was aiming for full voiceover, they could've at least work on that, tiny detail it may be. Kinda awkward the NPC talk the first few lines, mute on the next one, then talked again on the final line.  They're constantly patching that. People have to report it for it to be noticed as well. It was a bit rushed (localization).

 Tried both, still goes down to 3fps at the lowest from time to time. I even put my graphics to the lowest and still yield the same result. Connections are good. I'd wanna say the region I live in (Asia) but I have friends playing this game as well and they don't have any problems at all.