Monday, May 23, 2016

NEW content added to FFXIV

Ffxiv need more end-game content. Savage mode isn't too fun and just wasting time doing daylies 4 nothing... maybe SE could use some Blizzard's experience. I wish I could be excited about this game again...I still have my sub running, but I'm finding it hard to want to play it over Ark or Black Desert... Did you just say FF is better than FFXIV Gil BDO FF was the most disappointing MMO I gave ever purchased and played Ff11 is better than it and thats saying alot. Andrew Gonzalez I think you have just not played black desert. I played BDO for quite a while, and I found myself get so bored of it. Drifted right back to FFXIV.

Beginning of June- most likely June 7th, since patches are usually released on a Tuesday. It's too bad I don't play anymore. I couldn't renew mmy sub during college due to finances and time constraints and just lost interest unfortauntely. Was hoping this would be a patch worth resubbing to, Buy FFXIV Gil looks like I was wrong. 😢 game has been boring since finishing 3.0 content.  I want to get into this game so bad, but I don't really have any friends that play and I am still leveling through vanilla content unsure emoticon.

 I love running old content and helping new people. My husband and I (well, I) run a FC on Coeurl called Night Prowlers! We're always looking to grow. Send me a message/reply here if you have any questions. kiki emoticon  My friends and I love helping people, if you're ever in Lamia feel free to contact me (Kairi Knight'). Teaching fights and helping out new people is my favorite \o/. Haven't played since 3.1 personally. Keep getting the itch to jump back online, how's the state of the game these days? Sick but I'd wait till the new patch so it's a fun overwhelming strive to catch up. Other wise gets boring quick after u get BiS for your main. imo.

Love the game, but just wish we had NEW content added. I don't mind waiting, but I need something to look forward to. got deep dungeon coming which should be pretty interesting n fun to play.  i wanna purchase the complete game but i cant since of i cannot find my country on the lists.,, any other options?