Friday, October 28, 2016

FFXV Assassin's Creed series

 Will this video be a spoiler? I'm trying to avoid as many plot spoilers as possible! There is a crap load of video content out already! I want to experience the game when I play it. Not really a spoiler. This wont be in the game i think. Tabata hasn't confirmed either way so lol its a secret, Yes he has, the cgi won't be in the game nor this trailer, Did I just see the symbol for the Assassin's Creed series at 1:24 on that newspaper??

 I don't know why... FFXIV Gil But I have been watching this trailer almost couple of times... now it's going to be 10th xD. its too dark! so Lunafreya is going to be killed by Noctis? seriously? Assassins creed logo at 1:21 and the newspaper says London. I love this but I fear that too much may have been revealed in this trailer. Nah they say that none of this happens in the game, just a prophecy that needs to be avoided. Awesome thank you for clearing that up dude, I mean if if did happen it looks cool but what a twist! Do you know the music?  I really love the trailer, but the generic music ruins it imo.

Makes me wonder if there will be multiple endings. Buy FFXIV Gil I'm so ready for this game x_x  Luna's definitely getting killed she just flies every death flag. This trailer depicts everything i want and need Noctis to be, godlike trailer. I don't know what scared me most: if the omen or the words of king Regis... Justin Mirsch well this is probably gunna be game of the year fer sure lol Nang Lenny Marks try imak view his luna kawaa maulah barrier meaning his luna kawaa makai magic well pas in the movie his is inya balum power video check him nang.

Im curious is the game gonna be the solution to the story from the movie and anime show?  The movie and anime are jus backstories to have an idea on what's going on, this is what ends it, the ultimate fantasy. crazy how a 5 minutre cg is better then any movie in 2016. looking forward to playing this till my fingers bleed.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Revelation Online is primarily more of a PvP-oriented game

Also, Revelation Online is primarily more of a PvP-oriented game, and has less of an emphasis on PvE and character creation/customization, which are the most important to me Buy Blade and Soul Gold since I'm way more of a PvE gamer than PvP.  Hailey Miller I will definitely agree with you. I love this game in itself, the combat is great, etc, but the community of players for the most part is just absolutely horrendous! It's hard to branch out and enjoy it because of that, even if you are in a clan.

 I have to agree here. I loved everything about this game. Combat, story, especially the music and voice acting. But the players are just so salty and get triggered by anything. Ethan Tek Lewis Funny. BnS was sold en masse as a skill-based PVP game that even has its own e-sport, hence the end-game PVE suffers. Besides, there is no mention in my comment about RO.

 I still enjoy them game I am in a great clan very friendly. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I am very surprise when players freak out when I gave them some gold because they are new and one needed to buy the horn from faction so he or she could Wall Dash and told me I have to wait it costs 50 silver so I gave them 5 gold they were shock and we are still friends they even joined another guild and introduce me to their friends.

Well, I still enjoy this game because I joined a good clan. We always have dungeon runs together. For the legendary weapon, I will farm for those materials slowly. There's no need to rush. If you guys like revelation so much, then just unlike Blade and Soul and go like the Revelation and play that game on release then swap to the next mmo that fails to do everything you expect it to. Anyway, Great idea with the Pet Hunger Removal system. And being able to send more items across your account is a nice addition too. Keep up the good work!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Blade & Soul dragoncall & wingstorm

Rebecca Maldonado They drop from mushin tower, floors 14 (1 moonstone, rng) and floor 15 (1 with a chance of additional 10 or 100.) You get them from soulstone plains chests. (1, with a chance of more.)I heard you also get them from Whirlwind, but I can't confirm since I don't like to pvp. Also a chance from chests from the stores, events etc.When my ap was too low for mushin floor 15 I just bought them from market. Now I have 600 ap so I can easily farm floor 15.

Ok... rush to Awakened Python and LFP for Citadel... Blade and Soul Gold Got the guide printed. please do someting about the lag also tomorrow, it have never been this bad as it is now, if it keeps up i will simply just stop to play. Im not lagging at all. My friend either, it has to be your connection. nope i have fiber, but since last main it have been hurrible and many others i know that play have same trouble as me. Congrats. You finally killed it. Watch the rest of fans you had leave in flocks. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I don't understand for the Warlock's imprison skill. I think it's the same? It is shitty translation. Now instead of onlyone instant cast, you can cast it instantly for 6 seconds.

It's still has reset for both dragoncall & wingstorm, right? I hope they don't nerf it. ah so for example, if you have time distortion, the "instant cast" buff doesnt go away after you press it once? can we get oceanic servers/sea servers already pls? i would like to play the game again. We dont care anymore, we don't care anymore like we used to do. hello what area have restrictions? can i play this in PH? Well its Blade Master or go home.One shoting people with that fire build ftw.

Gem transmute changes, accessory upgrade cost reductions, the Ebondrake Citadel dungeon and limited-time Tower of Memory event dungeon, Spectator Mode and more are NOW LIVE! If you feel like playing Dark Souls just try out the new dungeon. The last boss will mop the floor with you. someone gift me 12 prem stones? its my birthday. thanks The Tower of Memory event dungeon challenges players level 16 and above to group together to defeat enemies from the past, and claim exceptional new rewards.