Friday, October 28, 2016

FFXV Assassin's Creed series

 Will this video be a spoiler? I'm trying to avoid as many plot spoilers as possible! There is a crap load of video content out already! I want to experience the game when I play it. Not really a spoiler. This wont be in the game i think. Tabata hasn't confirmed either way so lol its a secret, Yes he has, the cgi won't be in the game nor this trailer, Did I just see the symbol for the Assassin's Creed series at 1:24 on that newspaper??

 I don't know why... FFXIV Gil But I have been watching this trailer almost couple of times... now it's going to be 10th xD. its too dark! so Lunafreya is going to be killed by Noctis? seriously? Assassins creed logo at 1:21 and the newspaper says London. I love this but I fear that too much may have been revealed in this trailer. Nah they say that none of this happens in the game, just a prophecy that needs to be avoided. Awesome thank you for clearing that up dude, I mean if if did happen it looks cool but what a twist! Do you know the music?  I really love the trailer, but the generic music ruins it imo.

Makes me wonder if there will be multiple endings. Buy FFXIV Gil I'm so ready for this game x_x  Luna's definitely getting killed she just flies every death flag. This trailer depicts everything i want and need Noctis to be, godlike trailer. I don't know what scared me most: if the omen or the words of king Regis... Justin Mirsch well this is probably gunna be game of the year fer sure lol Nang Lenny Marks try imak view his luna kawaa maulah barrier meaning his luna kawaa makai magic well pas in the movie his is inya balum power video check him nang.

Im curious is the game gonna be the solution to the story from the movie and anime show?  The movie and anime are jus backstories to have an idea on what's going on, this is what ends it, the ultimate fantasy. crazy how a 5 minutre cg is better then any movie in 2016. looking forward to playing this till my fingers bleed.

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