Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ffxiv expansion isn't on Steam

what i said to jab is you need the steam version of arr to use the steam version of heavens ward lol. it does full suport updates. All versions of the game are fully supported. Just because the collector's edition isn't currently on Steam doesn't mean it won't be soon.

If the expansion comes out and it STILL isn't on Steam, then you have my permission to bitch about it. And why buy FFXIV Gil cant ps4 users get any of this yet?? I cant even get the digital collectors edition, let alone get on the benchmark and build a char cheap FFXIV Gil !!

 I want to play with the character creator on my PS4!!! Does the Au Ra character creator also have random name generators?  I5 4690k. Nvidia gtx titan. Dx11. 2560x1600 resolution gave me a score of 5300 even with ffxiv game itself and other programs running. You know we all want vierras Yoshiiiii !! Please Senpai Notice US ;____: anyhow good werk !!! -bows- already made my Au Ra and it will be the one my Elezen changes into!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

much stuff

So much stuff you can do towers alone takes 1-2 hours per char and dont cost fatigue. You need more chars anyway for explorer buff so why not make a second char since there is so many classes to play cheap DFO Gold? That's a pretty poor excuse to quit. Just thought you should know. I mean really. Dark knight doesn't even have an awakening, so he kind of HAS to be powerful.

And if you think HE'S op, you should see the knight. She's stronger than Dark Knight and Avenger combined. :l

You're quitting because they are too powerful? lol....wut? If you think they are powerful, you haven't tried the Knight class yet DFO Gold. But no....instead of finding a way to make use of their power, you quit over all...lol...what a weak player...and to think, this is only OBT... The only one waiting on a wipe is you. And it's never going to happen, as has been proven so many times.

He thinks Neople announced that there will be a wipe after the beta, Anthony Purington. He said as of thousands....but he has no proof on any of his claims. I know he's ignoring us...but he's only hurting himself....badly.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Neople's stand on like turbo buttons

I have a question, what is Neople's stand on like turbo buttons? I have a keyboard that allows me to set keys up to rapid fire a specific key when i hold the button down. it works like the old turbo controllers for like consoles. Thank you for making an effort to clear out these terrible people. Hopefully the seeds of destruction haven't already been  cheap FFXIV gil 
planted by people falling for gold scams and hacking.

what about keyboard sharing software ! allowed or not ? i use 3 computer at the same time let one char clear the map and only use FFXIV gil 
this soft for move the other char to the next stage.

 I never used any tools nor have I ever bought gold and my account was stripped. It's great that you banned the people who ruin the fun but how do I know it won't happen again? I got lucky that they sold my gear and I was able to repurchase some of it so I can keep playing but I don't want my account getting hacked into repeatedly because hackers are able to breach your database. Also I sent an email regarding this, are you going to restore anything that was lost to people who got hacked?

Friday, April 17, 2015

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD in Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD in Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day!

This game was so much better than I expected. I don't usually replay games once I beat them, but I'm well into my second playthrough now. The game has only been out for 2 and buy FFXIV Gil a half weeks and it's already $20 less? That's even faster then the 4 weeks it took for Final Fantasy 13-2 to go down in price. This is ridiculous FFXIV Gil!

It's been 4 days short of a month and it's a 1 day flash sale. The games been out since 2011. They simply jumped the price up to make some cash off of the little bit of work they did to it.

 I mean it is only a rerelease of a PSP title with upgraded graphics, still a fantastic game. This is one of the best FF I have played in years. I'm on chapter 5 right now. I'm enjoying this game. I got 3 of my characters on level 60.

What pisses me off is that people who got the so called "day one" version of the game have been robbed of the loyalty we showed towards this company. This seriously leaves me as a consumer with a very bad impression of how the company treats their loyal consumers. "Day One" means day one not 30 days later! It's bullshit.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

many people sells DFO gold in game

They will most likely be cash items which makes sense. Most people use them for selling items anyways. The only reason there is spam is because of the event. No reason to save them when you'll get more the next day. I doubt it will continue into the release, or not for long after the release anyways.
cheap DFO Gold
I wish the chat boxes were a little more manageable though. That's my only complaint to buy DFO Gold. I have enough mental fortitude to just not read the mega chat, but when 10 megaphones in a row drown out guild or party chat, that's an issue.

During the Alpha, someone figured out how to get Echoes to stop appearing altogether and it had nothing to do with the game's presets for privacy. This 'fix' was found accidentally via manipulation of the chat settings in both full screen and windowed modes.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

how to calculate DFO gold

KST is UTC+09:00 (9 hours ahead of what is known as UTC). That would make 18:00KST = 02:00PST. Basically, FP resets are 2AM PST / 4AM CST / 5AM EST.  I agree with Sean. Though...I think having at least 200 to 250 FP wouldnt hurt too bad, would it?

Well, we already knew this issue and are looking into it to solve the problem as soon as possible. Please wait a little bit more. Sorry for this inconvenience.

That's all we really wanted to know Many were paranoid that making new chars would some-how over-write their old DFO Gold char's spots making them impossible to recover and we would permanently lose the name. I've been commenting and posting Scen#1 for the longest I'm glad it's been seen now hopefully it will be dealt with.

Wipe the alpha characters? Why? Some of us have worked hard for that. We don't want another problem with our characters and work hard for them. We love you! Oh, and make sure you all get enough sleep! We DO NOT want you guys to buy Dungeon Fighter Gold and die on us!