Sunday, April 26, 2015

much stuff

So much stuff you can do towers alone takes 1-2 hours per char and dont cost fatigue. You need more chars anyway for explorer buff so why not make a second char since there is so many classes to play cheap DFO Gold? That's a pretty poor excuse to quit. Just thought you should know. I mean really. Dark knight doesn't even have an awakening, so he kind of HAS to be powerful.

And if you think HE'S op, you should see the knight. She's stronger than Dark Knight and Avenger combined. :l

You're quitting because they are too powerful? lol....wut? If you think they are powerful, you haven't tried the Knight class yet DFO Gold. But no....instead of finding a way to make use of their power, you quit over a weak player...and to think, this is only OBT... The only one waiting on a wipe is you. And it's never going to happen, as has been proven so many times.

He thinks Neople announced that there will be a wipe after the beta, Anthony Purington. He said as of thousands....but he has no proof on any of his claims. I know he's ignoring us...but he's only hurting himself....badly.

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