Wednesday, April 8, 2015

many people sells DFO gold in game

They will most likely be cash items which makes sense. Most people use them for selling items anyways. The only reason there is spam is because of the event. No reason to save them when you'll get more the next day. I doubt it will continue into the release, or not for long after the release anyways.
cheap DFO Gold
I wish the chat boxes were a little more manageable though. That's my only complaint to buy DFO Gold. I have enough mental fortitude to just not read the mega chat, but when 10 megaphones in a row drown out guild or party chat, that's an issue.

During the Alpha, someone figured out how to get Echoes to stop appearing altogether and it had nothing to do with the game's presets for privacy. This 'fix' was found accidentally via manipulation of the chat settings in both full screen and windowed modes.

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