Thursday, April 23, 2015

Neople's stand on like turbo buttons

I have a question, what is Neople's stand on like turbo buttons? I have a keyboard that allows me to set keys up to rapid fire a specific key when i hold the button down. it works like the old turbo controllers for like consoles. Thank you for making an effort to clear out these terrible people. Hopefully the seeds of destruction haven't already been  cheap FFXIV gil 
planted by people falling for gold scams and hacking.

what about keyboard sharing software ! allowed or not ? i use 3 computer at the same time let one char clear the map and only use FFXIV gil 
this soft for move the other char to the next stage.

 I never used any tools nor have I ever bought gold and my account was stripped. It's great that you banned the people who ruin the fun but how do I know it won't happen again? I got lucky that they sold my gear and I was able to repurchase some of it so I can keep playing but I don't want my account getting hacked into repeatedly because hackers are able to breach your database. Also I sent an email regarding this, are you going to restore anything that was lost to people who got hacked?

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