Thursday, April 2, 2015

how to calculate DFO gold

KST is UTC+09:00 (9 hours ahead of what is known as UTC). That would make 18:00KST = 02:00PST. Basically, FP resets are 2AM PST / 4AM CST / 5AM EST.  I agree with Sean. Though...I think having at least 200 to 250 FP wouldnt hurt too bad, would it?

Well, we already knew this issue and are looking into it to solve the problem as soon as possible. Please wait a little bit more. Sorry for this inconvenience.

That's all we really wanted to know Many were paranoid that making new chars would some-how over-write their old DFO Gold char's spots making them impossible to recover and we would permanently lose the name. I've been commenting and posting Scen#1 for the longest I'm glad it's been seen now hopefully it will be dealt with.

Wipe the alpha characters? Why? Some of us have worked hard for that. We don't want another problem with our characters and work hard for them. We love you! Oh, and make sure you all get enough sleep! We DO NOT want you guys to buy Dungeon Fighter Gold and die on us!

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