Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Square Enix Nothing Works

It's been 1 hour since the game is "NETWORK ERROR HAS OCCURED" and i lost FFXIV Gil 1 hunting permit... fucking server !  Can't play either on nexus 5 and most recent version of android. Can start app but it keeps crashing, getting stuck loading all the time. (Constant spinny loading circle).  I have a device with 4.2.2 and dont work to. now Guardian cross to , dont open.

Have you try going into the aplication manager , choose deadman cross , force dentention , run it again and see if it works??  yes, dont work, and now my Guardian Cross cheap FFXIV Gil dont enter too, its the same..I try open and apear the black screen and quit at the same time.... Square Enix Nothing Works.  puff everyone is having problems since the resident evil event , personally , the game get stuck many times while playing the boneyard lets hope square do some maintance soon.

 I can't play now either (Samsung Galaxy Note) just get a message Fatal Error. Rebooting. Then nothing. It was running fine up until an hour ago when there was a data push.

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