Sunday, March 29, 2015

summoners in FFXIV

Yoshi-P only gets to sleep in event art. Poor guy, don't know how he does it, but I am glad he does. Any word at all on what summoners new summons will be or when they are coming or anything at all?
I heard you guys won the great mmo face off. Oh wait nvm. Hahaha. looks like one is waiting for a dragon, the purple haired elf expecting payment in eggplants cheap FFXIV Gil and the other expecting a tough journey. Is true there is only 1 million of players in FFXIVRR dragón quest and and FFXI? One million subscribers, as of _March 2014_. The Polygon journalist didn't check her facts before writing her story on Jan 2, 2015....

 Absolutely rubbish their server won't let anyone on.  Love this artwork! I see Naoki dreams about Heavensward as well. I'm so excited!!! So sorry a beginner here my game keeps saying server not responding any advice on what to do. I tried so hard to stay up during heavenstrun but I just couldn't and I missed out on festivities T-T

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