Tuesday, March 17, 2015

PLD was sort of an MP based tank

I always thought PLD was sort of an MP based tank and some new skills post 50 would add to that, but if they are making DKN specialize in MP based tanking, then that means PLD "specialization" is the shield. They should add more to that affect than "Here, equip a shield and you get Bulwark."
Smn and blm share sets.

Sch and whm share sets.

Why shouldnt tanks? While I would prefer every job to have their own gear, the way it is currently is better for the sake of drops not being too extremely random, and it also gives them more time to work on other things in the game like the actual contentz the raids.

I mean right now if a tank piece drops either the warrior or the paladin can get it. Now imagine warrior and paladin have seperate sets, whm and sch have seperate sets as do smn and blm. You just added 3 whole new sets of gear to your loot table, now you have things like healers not getting their jobs gear because they only ever see sch stuff, or your paladin never seeing his set.

I like the way it is right now, but they confirmed a new loot system for Alexander so please look forward to it.
PLD's only native use for MP was Flash anyway. I hope PLD gets more things like Cover than focus on self mitigation.

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