Tuesday, March 24, 2015

GC Advancement

You have to wait a couple more months until the expansion comes out.  Give me a relic that I can glamour onto better weapons I get from coil, and make sure I spend weeks attainting it! Or make them i135 so I'll actually use them lol FFXIV Gil.  im so addicted with this gae but i have not reached level 50.  I will be getting back on after months of inactivity for that stoopid card game haha.

GC Advancement is going to happen every time the level cap increases, so expect it in 3.0.  Love the game, don't love the stress. I shouldn't have to study a video 10 times to figure out how to do a simple raid. There was just so much to do I had to quit for awhile and play Final Fantasy 11 in order to have any energy left over when the expansion comes out.

  Needing some help my toon won't load for some reason it's stuck in the cryisl or something any one got any advice.  Looking forward to this. Now I just need a crowd of people with Manderville gear to meet up with me tomorrow.

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