Thursday, June 27, 2013

Founding GM, Padwanu Thunderhoof

 I can't speak for our founding GM, Padwanu Thunderhoof, I think Aubrey is probably pretty close to what Pad was thinking.
Thunderhoof has a family-feel to it, Cheapest WoW accounts and while our characters are from many different Shu'Halo tribes and lands, we come together, living and working as a family; looking out for each other, combining our skills to reach goals we couldn't do on our own, and just enjoying the company of each other.  
Whether or not that definition was what Pad had in mind when he chose 'clan', or if the term is as accurate as it could be, it is what is has come to mean within our guild.
I am Aovi Moonwatcher, Minster to the Herd--I see to the Clan's needs.  We invite anyone interested in living the Shu'Halo life to visit us over on The Venture Co!  Thunderhoof Clan! I totally have an alt in there! Or had maybe, it's been ages since I logged her in, but she was my first foray into the RP scene. Completing their Rite of Passage (or whatever it's called, like I said it's been a while) was really cool. It's more than just "Go here and do X," you get full-on screenshots and RP-style "quest" directions. And a lot of the time you end up with more intangible things like "help a newbie player" or "run through an old dungeon." WoW accounts for sale Loads of fun, and a really nice change-up from the grind I'd put myself through during most of Wrath. Good to see they're still doing well! 
If you completed your "Path to The Herd" then you should have made Clansman, which will keep your character on our roster.  We do cull pledges and initiates who haven't logged in for months, just to keep our roster lean.

It's always good when a wanderer returns to the bluff.

Being Scaled at the Same Rate

 It's fake progression, though, since your enemies are being scaled at the same rate you are. You're not being made any better equipped to deal with the challenges you need to face, at high PVP skill levels, you're just treading water, and gaining an exceptional unfair competetive advantage against other players which makes the game less engaging for both you and them.

There has to be a better system to let PVPers progress - cosmetics, pets, titles - maybe an expanded military rank system? New unlockable class abilities that are designed to allow alternative playstyles for your class without deliberately overpowering you? The solution would have to be creative, but it's not "escalate the arms race further". Giving the PVP superpowers more nukes isn't the answer.
Then isn't LFR > Normal > Heroic just fake progression? Where to sell World of Warcraft accounts  Stronger gear for stronger challenges?  And gaining gear to improve your success against your is that different from PVE?  

Sorry, but seriously, the whole suggestion still strikes me as little more than "I'd rather be playing PVE, so hurry up and give me my epics" except instead of immediately giving everybody the same gear, it is removed entirely.
"Then isn't LFR > Normal > Heroic just fake progression?"

No, because abilities, and sometimes fights change, between those tiers. PvP is always the same.
There is that progression, but they're fixed milestones. If you don't raid for a week they're not going to have gotten better behind your back.

The PVE gear system has its own issues (over-rewarding players who've proven they don't need the rewards as much, for one, but that's a shared issue with PVP as it stands) but they don't buff boss damage one month in to a raid tier - sometimes they do the opposite, even.

It's not saying "give me free epics" at all, it's saying "this game can be more engaging for everyone and increase the number of PVPers if we try not to make their game experience quite so hostile". There are plenty of examples of games of all kinds of genres, where to buy WoW accounts including MMOs, which prove that you don't need to be handing players better gear to compel them to play.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Arms was pretty balanced in BC

Arms was pretty balanced in BC, still good, but not too good. buy cheap wow accounts That was probably the best era for Arms PvP balance. Now, as a Knight-Captain from back in Vanilla, I can honestly say, Arms was probably too good in Vanilla, however, 1 shotting Mages and S Priests with a triple Sword Spec proc was incredibly satisfying, especially after not being able to touch them for the last 4 attempts. Charge in combat, wtf is that?
No Mace-spec Stormherald Warriors and Mace Spec Cheat Death rogues were massively overpowered.

But that's only two.  My point was:  I wouldn't die in a stun to a TfB/MS/HS proc with Avatar up.  Back then the equivalent would have been a "stunlock" from CS > KS > Gouge type deal where even at DR's it was more than enough time for a glaive or Fel siphon rogue to smash your head in from 100-0.

Vanilla was a joke: Hand of Rag enhance sums it up. fast wow gold It was still fun though.  You weren't expected to grind gear for months just to stay alive and be able to PVP commisserate with your skill.

BC had the best model for getting PVP gear and it was a quick grind and as the last expansion where PVP and "balance," were not constantly tweaked by the developers..........which is proving over the long haul to be much more of a negative than a positive.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ChecKing out The Undermine Journal for Items

Try checking out The Undermine Journal for items like Tough Hunk of Bread, how to buy wow gold Tough Jerky, Refreshing Spring Water...
You'll have an idea of the impact on the economy and the number of people affected. It's...quite impressive
Woke up to having a massive amount of gold missing from this where to buy wow accounts. I use both the authenticator and sms protection as well. Very disappointed with Blizzard. They failed us. Have always said this, if bliz would go the way of iTunes and only use so many computers on the account, then none of this stuff would happen.  If your account bings back a different computer than the ones you have used, account is shut down automatic.  3 computers, no fuss, no mess.
Or be like me.  Only use a laptop to play.  Don't use it for anything else.  I don't even get on the internet on it.  Nothing but my virus, malware scanner, and wow.  Because bliz doesn't really care, if they did they would do that above.  But then they couldn't sale 2 million authenticators(last I heard).   Maybe this is there way of saying, you need to buy ours to be safe.  Because there are so many better options than authenticators.

 It's a game. It's bad enough I have to have an authenticator, but why should I have to go though the hassle of deauthorizing a computer after I sell or reinstall it? That's already a pain with iTunes, especially if I forget to do it before selling it.

Also, Authenticators are sold at a loss. Blizzard makes no profit from them.
 They do block an account when a new IP is used to log in. Of course, if your email account also got hacked, this amounts to nothing as they can just unblock it again. Sadly, if you have an auth attached, the IP block goes on reduced mode, rarely will it lock you out. All players so far have had the mobile auth. Someone I know had their account locked out once even with the authenticator on her account because she logged in from half way across the world. (US Player, buy wow account lives in England, tried to log in in Australia. Nope, Blizzard won't have any of that!)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Who Determines The Wow Server's Popularity?

Who Determines The Wow Server's Popularity?

Enchantress for barbarian guides

Level 15

I find Charm to be a lot more useful than AoE knocback.

Level 20

Posted Image  Powered Armor (TAKE IT!)

No questions asked, just take it.

Level 25

I would say that Barbarians are more focused on burst damage because of WotB selling Diablo 3 account. Thus, syngery of WotB with this ability is pretty nice. Can't think of any use for Disorient (maybe for early phases on Inferno Belial encounter).

Level 30

Another nice aura that provides you with passive 3% AS bonus. I think it gives somewhere around 500 additional damage. Though it works only when Enchantress is alive, unlike Powered Armor.

If you disagree with something I wrote go ahead and point it out, I welcome some constructive criticism and your own opinions on the matter. I will try to keep this class compendium up to date and add stuff to it on the weekly, maybe even daily basis.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Upgrading for PVP Gear

I'd like to see them add upgrading for PVP gear with these changes. buy cheap wow accounts  Keep the 496 scaling limit, reducing even upgraded 496 gear back down to 496, so that upgrading remains entirely optional, not a requirement, for instanced PVP.
Upgraded PVP gear will mostly help with those playing catch up (Honor gear), and will keep PVP gear at least a little competitive in world PVP.
The primary problem with upgrading PVP gear is that Honor gear would likely become the quickest way to catch up in PVE.  Upgraded 476 = queue for Throne of Thunder LFR.
But LFR has 5 times extra drop rate, your more likely to get 2 pieces of gear from one boss if you managed to farm a rare do troves and instantly get 20 elders which isn't hard to do.
 Both are comparatively just as fast.
 You have options:
 Grind LFR - 30-50 minutes a piece, 5 times drop rate * 2 (after doing trove treasure run and failing)
 Grind Dungeons and transfer honor - 20 minutes max (Great for getting equipment for filling those blue slots)
 Grind PVP for a week - get fully upgraded gear.
 For the best option NO.1 would be the best cause you get 90 Valor and easy gear and you can fill the rest up with option 2 and 3, 2250 isn't easy to grind ya know !!!! 
 True, 5.0 LFRs are fairly rewarding now with improved drop rates on both bosses and coins. how to buy WoW gold  Maybe Honor gear would only really appeal to those who don't want to wait two or three weeks for gear?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

If PVP Was Broken?

There is an often ignored piece of advice, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", buy cheap wow accounts I don't know if PVP was broken, or if it was so lopsided it needed a complete revamp, but Blizzard does risk losing even more players by removing the things that got 12 million of us to pay.
I left WoW because it seemed everytime I thought I knew what to earn and spent weeks in the process, something like this comes down and makes a fool of you for wasting your time and gold, or... you spent months learning how to deal with other players attacks, spells only to have them all change so again, you wasted your time. I know others will say the time was not wasted, but skills are skills, and losing them because a new programmer wants to shape the game to his "dream" causes players to suffer.
How many times can a WoW player swallow hard and eat gear, skills and hard work and still grin? We will see,
 Change is constant though.  The only way Blizzard could make it so nobody had to relearn everything is if they never changed anything; the game would stagnate and die however.

These PVP changes won't really affect PVP players though.  None of these affect skill, and none of the changes really impact players with PVP gear in a PVP instance, yet.  It is literally impossible to earn Conquest Elite right now due to the minimum earned requirement, WoW gold buying which is why I'm glad Blizzard pushed out this information NOW rather than later.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The change to Sacred Shield of WOW

The change to Sacred Shield kinda sucks, cheapest world of warcraft gold but the current version, while not overpowered, is just too good not to take as a Ret Paladin.

Also, the Anti-Magic Zone change is, in my opinion, long overdue as the current version gets eaten up too quickly, but I feel like a 3 second duration is going to make it difficult to use properly.  I'd rather see it moved to a different tier or made baseline for one or all specs so that it can be adjusted independently of the other two talents.
 It'll still "display" a shield as if you had one equipped, although I'd like to know which one.  Hopefully there's a trick to using your current/mogged shield as the visual.
As a Warlcok, Blizzard has been toying with my emotions far too much. The changes to KJC I could deal with but don't you nerf my Demonic Gateway. Just walk away Blizzard. Go nerf mages or warriors or something, but leave my Gateway ALONE! 

But in all seriousness, I'm curious why they thought that ability needed such a drastic nerf, and if its because of PVP I feel like that ability could use the old "has a seperate effect in Areans and BG's" type of set up. 

 I don't think it'll affect you much. The fixate of a taunt is only a few seconds, which should basically be the time you spend kiting it to the tank. As long as you're not going all out on the mob, it shouldn't leave you with much threat, especially since the tank can also taunt for the 200% increase.

Resto Shaman Changes

I just wanted to drop a link to my analysis of the Resto Shaman changes, buy wow account  where I've covered a couple of the questions you had about the t16 4-piece bonus, etc.:
Currently the spiritual guardian summoned when you cast Spiritwalker's Grace copies your heals at 35% effectiveness, and since your initial heal was modified by your Mastery, the copied heal isn't. Or rather, it is, because it's 35% of the heal-you-cast-which-was-modified-by-Mastery, so if you had less Mastery, you'd have had a smaller heal, and thus a smaller 35%... I hope that's clear haha my brain is fried atm.
(If it were instead 35% of your base-heal-without-Mastery-factored-in and then got its own Mastery factor, that'd probably work out to less than 35% of your actual copy-triggering heal, because of course you just healed that guy so now he is on a higher health percentage! So I guess this is the higher-throughput way to do it.)
The set bonus as of right now does not interact with Ascendance or Ancestral Awakening/Ancestral Guidance. I wasn't able to spend enough time to tell if it interacts with Echo, though I suspect it won't because Echo healing isn't a cast-time spell itself. (I'll do that in enhancement spec where Chain Heal has a 69% chance to proc Echo, when I have the time, because damn, that's going to be hard to prove with only a 22% chance in 15 second window on a 2-min CD ability.)
The two-piece is underwhelming, yes, but I looked over one of my logs at random from the last month, where I killed 10 bosses, and Earth Shield was 2.1% of my healing done. Earth Shield + the t16 2-piece would have bumped that up to 4.6% of my healing done, or a 2.5% increase in throughput. That's about where I think set bonuses should be, personally (well, a little low, maybe 5% or so), but it sure is boring. 

At least, being a small shield, it's likely to be fully effective healing. It won't be very exciting if your tanks are both Blood DKs though since their Blood Shield has priority over all other shielding. At least you know you'll be 2nd or 3rd in line buy world of warcraft accounts (depending on the size of Illuminated Healing shields your pally co-healers re putting up) 

How to deal with Google's personalized search SEO impact

Google search results personalized treatment because of the huge number of searches for users concerned, Google they think the correlation no longer applies, because not anyone think that Google's search results are good is the best way to meet their own demand Diablo3 items. So, Google threw the burden of the user, allowing the user to decide what kind of results are most suitable for them. For SEO, this is a revolution, a revolution that may affect life and death. However, before the outbreak of the revolution, Google actually has been done secretly telling SEO prepared well in advance.
These, in fact, there is no point is the basic purpose with seo: to enhance search rankings to get traffic information, and access to these "ornamental" The purpose is to enhance the effectiveness of search results CTR. Real-time on Google Personalized XXX socialization of the search results page ranking is indeed no longer is the most important factor to buy d3 items andconsider, but one of the most. A stand-ranked get in home, or can skillfully deflected to the low ranking for high traffic. 
Finally, there is the most vulgar words, commonplace things - content is king. To determine the will of the user's personal search results ranking in Google search win, you need to provide adequate user satisfaction website content to ensure that your search results summary displays to attract users to click, while the corresponding web content that allows users to buy d3 gold remember your website, which recalled the next time when searching a good experience. Otherwise, the user dumped you and play like, is not laborious. Multi-user unknowingly clicks other sites, you'll disappear Liao ~ ~ 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

some questions about how to use RS 3

with RS3 will you guys bring back the old cb lvls? I miss seeing lvl 135 cb on my screen, and im not big on lvl 200 cb. also would you be able to switch between eoc and the way runescape was back in 2011 cb styles?

As silly as this question sounds, I find it is incredibly important.
Will there be any reduction or removal of the Squeal of Fortune? It was my knowledge the wheel was used to finance big updates like this, and now the new game is coming, launching it WITH micro-transaction featuring content would look very bad.

With the implementation of RS3, will this allow us to access Runescape on multiple devices other than desktop runescape accounts for sale?

1. What's up with the Safe Mode? Whenever i enter the html5 beta it looks exactly like the java version safe mode. (Very grainy, bad graphics) I can switch between OpenGL and Directx, but this literally changes nothing. I see others that have the most beautiful graphics in the beta, while for me it still is horrible.

2. When will we see the actual finished water detail? And will this have much better performance?

3. Will the performance for the hmtl5 beta be increased soon? It is currently still impossible to play with the maximum graphics and also have good fps. Mainly shadows and water detail (however water detail isn't even complete yet) cause a huge drop in fps sell rs accounts.

4. Will the Beta be extended in time if the performance isn't good yet? This worries me a lot, there hasn't been much improvement on performance, and we're nearing the release.

5. Do you know when we can expect that html5 will be able to run on other web browsers than Google chrome? I personally am a fan of Mozilla Firefox, and would like to play the beta on there.

6. When will the NIS Beta be integrated in the cheap rs gold Html5 beta? Will this cause even lower performance?

You Can't Do Superior DPS

Mobility, high DPS, survivability. You may choose two of the three. gold for wow
If you are mobile and hard to kill, you can't do superior DPS. If you do superior DPS and are mobile, you can't have high survivability. If you are hard to kill and do high DPS, you have to stand still. Otherwise, your class is something that no other class in the game gets to be.

Warlocks, through KJC, were all three. So not only was KJC a mandatory talent, it gave warlocks an edge no one else got to enjoy. You can't be surprised it got nerfed.The line of thinking that most blows my mind is, "Don't nerf KJC, boost the other two talents." That's just making an OP class even more OP. Warlocks are still in a great place but seriously, if you've played across even one expansion line, you know that Blizz isn't going to let anyone stay that far above others for very long. buy cheap wow accounts Otherwise, all DPS would be rolling warlocks.

warlock are not top DPS though or even "OP" all 3 mage specs are higher than the highest warlock spec (demo) which is below enhancement and windwalkers and feral.Maybe in theorycrafting. But I raid a lot and I don't see that in real life. Rarely do I see a warlock in a group not leading DPS. Occasionally a well-geared, talented mage or hunter will top them, and depending on fight mechanics, an ele sham. The three you listed (enh sham, ww monk, kitty) don't even come close, especially feral, which is hamstrung for a large chunk of Throne fights because of positioning, much the same problem sub rogues have. A lot of theorycrafters base their data on fights that don't really exist anymore (i.e., Patchwerk-style fights).

Regardless, I'm not hating on warlocks for being where they are at the moment (I play one myself). But KJC gives warlocks the potential to do things no other caster class can do. If warlocks want to keep the movement, fine --WoW accounts for sale give up some raw DPS instead. But we know what reaction that would get.

Blizzard Reminding Me

As usual blizzard is playing around with how to best convince warlocks to accept being a pinata but feel some how like they are op. safe wow gold I guess the idea is to play with settings so many times in so many different ways that people lose touch with what is a buff and what is a nerf. After a while it looks so much like warlocks are over powered that few realize until they put on tier gear that actually the cloth armor might as well be toilet paper. 

keep trying to think of how i would even off the appeal of the tier 6 talents for locks this is what i have come up withArchimonde's  vengance: make it also reduce damage taken by 25%  if it can't be reflected to target damage is reduced by 50% (passive while off cool-down 5% reflect 10% damage reduce) 
Kil'jaeden's Cunning passive ability spell damage is also reduced by 15% stacking up to 2x
Mannoroth's Fury: Keep as it is on live (raid usefulness is situational at best. as it is it can be a fun toy/questing tool) 

They just commented again and they are moving feel flame back to instant with a small damage increase instead of the 1.5 sec cast timejust when I was thinking about subbing once again.. buy cheap wow accounts.... thank you blizzard for reminding me once more why I left in the first place, you saved me some money!

Normal MMO Gamer.

MMOs are not single player games period. wow gold for sell What Scalable raids do is simple.  If you have 12 people on for a 10 man raid you leave 2 people out in the wind.  With scalable raids you can now take as many people as you have online for the raid with a min and max number.  This is good for the normal MMO gamer.
There is no proof made that the harmful events are caused by the first event.
Of course, a subscription decline can also be attributed to several dozen other possible factors, or combination of many factors, with no outstanding evidence that any single one of them "caused" the decline.
It's a pretty safe argument, if you ignore that all virtually all veteran games begin declining beyond (some point X), regardless of developer efforts, regardless of further expansions, and regardless of "classic" reboots.
This is a smart move, and maybe something we will see on a wider scale in other games (not that many games have this kind of feature yet)

As for WoW loosing players.. buy cheap wow accounts. Show me any game that is as old as WoW that have not lost players... The only one i can think of is Eve.. But they are sort of the exception to the norm. It is also worth noting that WoW might have lost players... In fact they have by now lost a amount of players equal to most other non-f2p games entire player base... And they are still not really hurting for players.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Legendary Is Too Much About Luck

It's still just RNG hell.  My freaking MAIN is behind on it because I can barely drag myself into LFR and then I hardly ever get a drop. buy cheap WoW account  6/20 and not looking forward to the other one with 12.  Oh, sure, Lei Shen is a guaranteed drop.  That's only 26 weeks of running ToT if I went with that, half a year.  By then the next expansion will be out.
I'm on the fence also.  On the one hand I think it is a great way to get people in on a story line that is likely the root for the next expansion.  Wrathion has major future character written all over him, and people need to get used to seeing him at the same level as a faction leader at the least.
Then the memories of all the grinding I've done to stay current kicks in and my inner nerd throws a hissy fit.  I bypassed everything and went straight to Wrathion when I hit 90.  I put in my 6000 Valor grind.  Got Rep up to Exalted before it was required.  Did everything right as I was supposed to, and then suddenly you only need 3000 Valor.  Drops for the quest are happening more often.  Now this.   I can only agree with the sentiment I saw that put into question what makes a legendary.  
I know this will be unpopular, but I wish that if they are going to do this, that they'd have a sort of reward for those who did it before the changes made it easier.  Even if it is just an achievement a la beating Lei Shen before 5.4.  Something that says "Hey, I did it the hard way, stop complaining."  Although in my opinion there would be impacts on the rewards as well.  Sort of like pre-change is the normal and the post is LFR-ized. World of Warcraft accounts for sell  That's going to get me flamed so I'm going to stop there and go put on my fire suit.

After this expansion though, no more legendaries for all.  It just seems to be more trouble than it has been worth.
The "legendary" is too much about luck.  I got the 6000 Valor, I've been Exalted for a long time, but I'm stuck with those stupid RNG drops that you can only get in a raid and have to cross your fingers.  This is nothing about skill, it's just testing how masochistic I am.
The biggest problem is just that they're doing all these multiple stages, and some of them are just RNG fests in raids.  One RNG fest in a raid is one thing.  Doing it multiple times, and multiple RNG fests in the SAME raid, is not the right way to do it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

WoW Has A Lot More Differences Between The Factions

If we ever got playable broken maybe those would work a locks. Worgen Paladins could have been done when worgen were added but retconning them in now would be kinda weird. Dunno about forsaken. Not sure how Priests work there TBH. wow gold for sell wrote on this back in March. I think Gnomes and Pandaren actually have the best chances to add more classes. Both have 7 of the 11 classes available to them. Would love to see hunters and paladins for gnomes. Pandaren could get paladin and/or druids.
 If they wrap up the HvA war and find some way to make them actual "allies" of sorts (which might not happen for another expansion or so), maybe...  But I doubt it.  I think faction identity is a very important part of the game. buy cheap wow accounts In RIFT, they were able to do it (and, I believe, cross-faction guilds, too) because their two factions always had the same goals, they just had different ways of getting there, and bickering and fighting over whether the gods' magic or technology is a better way to fight evil was just dumb, so those two factions opted to stop trying to kill each other and work together to beat back all the threats that world has.  So in their story, it makes more sense.  WoW has a lot more differences between the factions.

Only thing is, before we had the dungeon finder, if a person behaved like an ass, noone invited him to groups after a while.

play as DH is so hard

play as DH is so hard if u dont have good arm and good skills, but DH is pure dps, DH dont needs resistances or hp or armor because u too die on 1 or 2 hits, u need have only big dps and good skills, im killing elite packs / champions without death now on act 3 inf, but it took some time cheap Diablo 3 items until i learn how to survive and ofc so many of golds...

I totaly agree and now thanks to the upgrate DPS is useless i have just loose 20k, :/ DH is a piece of paper with no advantage. WTF Blibli you have just remove our only chance to pass Armageddon

How do you have 70k dps? Is this your single damage or did you multiply your % of skills in it?
because I have 33k dps and 43k hp and around 380 resistances. But the end of act 2 is hard for me!
If you don't have hp and resistances you cant stand Diablo 3 items buy still and you cant fire! So you are notting than with a lof of damage, I think!!
Mayby you can post a screen shot of your equipment? :)

i got 70k and only 20k hp and i have no problem with survive on act 2, now i farm act 3 elites without die, u need better gear for DPS , and better build, DH dont needs ARM/Resistances or HP its pure DPS class omg, u can survive without armor/resistances but first u need to learn how The same problem. I have 400 Str, 1000 Dex, 500 Int, 1100 Vit, 4,7K Armor, 20K DPS, 42K HP. I`m on Act 2 Inferno, and it`s very difficult with champs.

Blizz Only Really Updates Anything

The idea there seems to be that cooking and smelting are seen as creative processes, while milling and disenchanting are destructive wow account It also may be because several inputs can produce the same output, so if you highlighted "Shadow Pigment" and click "Create All", it might tear into those Snow Lilies that you were saving for something else. Addons like Panda come with a big warning about accidental destruction.
I'd rather have a spellbook for Milling / Prospecting that reads like the normal prospecting... but you get "Prospect Copper" or "Prospect Ghost Iron" or "Prospect White Trillium" or the various herbs for the Milling.

The real issue they don't seem to be addressing is the fact that when milling/prospecting, you don't always get the same thing, and it opens a loot window.  An intermediate step would be to do that but each "craft" gets a bag with the random stuff inside, similar to the tailor CD for Imperial Silk (all because they wanted to add 2 pets, using a unique RNG element).  However, they would probably think mass quantities of 2 step milling/prospecting to be "not perfect" so we are stuck with our aggravating method that already exists.  In this area, I think Blizzard's perfectionism works against itself.  Well, that and it wouldn't add anything "new"... Blizz only really updates anything if they can add something shiny, and Cata's revamp has them doubling down on that strategy.
 The name is a remnant from early Alpha/Beta, where there was planned an extra Secondary Profession called Survivalist, buy world of warcraft accounts that could make, along with other stuff like tents for away-from-town rested XP, campfires and off-hand torches and such for the purpose of navigating dark areas.  The idea was sound, but with the graphics tech of the time, they couldn't get a good middle-line on the "darkness" balance, which kept swinging between "can't see more than a handful of yards away" and "slightly dimmer than daylight".  Pair that with the realization that making tents and stuff for building rested XP would encourage people to play longer in single sessions than they healthily should (games are good, but moderation is important), and you can see why they dropped the idea.