Wednesday, June 19, 2013

some questions about how to use RS 3

with RS3 will you guys bring back the old cb lvls? I miss seeing lvl 135 cb on my screen, and im not big on lvl 200 cb. also would you be able to switch between eoc and the way runescape was back in 2011 cb styles?

As silly as this question sounds, I find it is incredibly important.
Will there be any reduction or removal of the Squeal of Fortune? It was my knowledge the wheel was used to finance big updates like this, and now the new game is coming, launching it WITH micro-transaction featuring content would look very bad.

With the implementation of RS3, will this allow us to access Runescape on multiple devices other than desktop runescape accounts for sale?

1. What's up with the Safe Mode? Whenever i enter the html5 beta it looks exactly like the java version safe mode. (Very grainy, bad graphics) I can switch between OpenGL and Directx, but this literally changes nothing. I see others that have the most beautiful graphics in the beta, while for me it still is horrible.

2. When will we see the actual finished water detail? And will this have much better performance?

3. Will the performance for the hmtl5 beta be increased soon? It is currently still impossible to play with the maximum graphics and also have good fps. Mainly shadows and water detail (however water detail isn't even complete yet) cause a huge drop in fps sell rs accounts.

4. Will the Beta be extended in time if the performance isn't good yet? This worries me a lot, there hasn't been much improvement on performance, and we're nearing the release.

5. Do you know when we can expect that html5 will be able to run on other web browsers than Google chrome? I personally am a fan of Mozilla Firefox, and would like to play the beta on there.

6. When will the NIS Beta be integrated in the cheap rs gold Html5 beta? Will this cause even lower performance?

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