Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Arms was pretty balanced in BC

Arms was pretty balanced in BC, still good, but not too good. buy cheap wow accounts That was probably the best era for Arms PvP balance. Now, as a Knight-Captain from back in Vanilla, I can honestly say, Arms was probably too good in Vanilla, however, 1 shotting Mages and S Priests with a triple Sword Spec proc was incredibly satisfying, especially after not being able to touch them for the last 4 attempts. Charge in combat, wtf is that?
No Mace-spec Stormherald Warriors and Mace Spec Cheat Death rogues were massively overpowered.

But that's only two.  My point was:  I wouldn't die in a stun to a TfB/MS/HS proc with Avatar up.  Back then the equivalent would have been a "stunlock" from CS > KS > Gouge type deal where even at DR's it was more than enough time for a glaive or Fel siphon rogue to smash your head in from 100-0.

Vanilla was a joke: Hand of Rag enhance sums it up. fast wow gold It was still fun though.  You weren't expected to grind gear for months just to stay alive and be able to PVP commisserate with your skill.

BC had the best model for getting PVP gear and it was a quick grind and as the last expansion where PVP and "balance," were not constantly tweaked by the developers..........which is proving over the long haul to be much more of a negative than a positive.

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