Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blizzard Reminding Me

As usual blizzard is playing around with how to best convince warlocks to accept being a pinata but feel some how like they are op. safe wow gold I guess the idea is to play with settings so many times in so many different ways that people lose touch with what is a buff and what is a nerf. After a while it looks so much like warlocks are over powered that few realize until they put on tier gear that actually the cloth armor might as well be toilet paper. 

keep trying to think of how i would even off the appeal of the tier 6 talents for locks this is what i have come up withArchimonde's  vengance: make it also reduce damage taken by 25%  if it can't be reflected to target damage is reduced by 50% (passive while off cool-down 5% reflect 10% damage reduce) 
Kil'jaeden's Cunning passive ability spell damage is also reduced by 15% stacking up to 2x
Mannoroth's Fury: Keep as it is on live (raid usefulness is situational at best. as it is it can be a fun toy/questing tool) 

They just commented again and they are moving feel flame back to instant with a small damage increase instead of the 1.5 sec cast timejust when I was thinking about subbing once again.. buy cheap wow accounts.... thank you blizzard for reminding me once more why I left in the first place, you saved me some money!

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