Saturday, June 22, 2013

If PVP Was Broken?

There is an often ignored piece of advice, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", buy cheap wow accounts I don't know if PVP was broken, or if it was so lopsided it needed a complete revamp, but Blizzard does risk losing even more players by removing the things that got 12 million of us to pay.
I left WoW because it seemed everytime I thought I knew what to earn and spent weeks in the process, something like this comes down and makes a fool of you for wasting your time and gold, or... you spent months learning how to deal with other players attacks, spells only to have them all change so again, you wasted your time. I know others will say the time was not wasted, but skills are skills, and losing them because a new programmer wants to shape the game to his "dream" causes players to suffer.
How many times can a WoW player swallow hard and eat gear, skills and hard work and still grin? We will see,
 Change is constant though.  The only way Blizzard could make it so nobody had to relearn everything is if they never changed anything; the game would stagnate and die however.

These PVP changes won't really affect PVP players though.  None of these affect skill, and none of the changes really impact players with PVP gear in a PVP instance, yet.  It is literally impossible to earn Conquest Elite right now due to the minimum earned requirement, WoW gold buying which is why I'm glad Blizzard pushed out this information NOW rather than later.

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