Sunday, June 23, 2013

Upgrading for PVP Gear

I'd like to see them add upgrading for PVP gear with these changes. buy cheap wow accounts  Keep the 496 scaling limit, reducing even upgraded 496 gear back down to 496, so that upgrading remains entirely optional, not a requirement, for instanced PVP.
Upgraded PVP gear will mostly help with those playing catch up (Honor gear), and will keep PVP gear at least a little competitive in world PVP.
The primary problem with upgrading PVP gear is that Honor gear would likely become the quickest way to catch up in PVE.  Upgraded 476 = queue for Throne of Thunder LFR.
But LFR has 5 times extra drop rate, your more likely to get 2 pieces of gear from one boss if you managed to farm a rare do troves and instantly get 20 elders which isn't hard to do.
 Both are comparatively just as fast.
 You have options:
 Grind LFR - 30-50 minutes a piece, 5 times drop rate * 2 (after doing trove treasure run and failing)
 Grind Dungeons and transfer honor - 20 minutes max (Great for getting equipment for filling those blue slots)
 Grind PVP for a week - get fully upgraded gear.
 For the best option NO.1 would be the best cause you get 90 Valor and easy gear and you can fill the rest up with option 2 and 3, 2250 isn't easy to grind ya know !!!! 
 True, 5.0 LFRs are fairly rewarding now with improved drop rates on both bosses and coins. how to buy WoW gold  Maybe Honor gear would only really appeal to those who don't want to wait two or three weeks for gear?

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