Monday, June 24, 2013

Enchantress for barbarian guides

Level 15

I find Charm to be a lot more useful than AoE knocback.

Level 20

Posted Image  Powered Armor (TAKE IT!)

No questions asked, just take it.

Level 25

I would say that Barbarians are more focused on burst damage because of WotB selling Diablo 3 account. Thus, syngery of WotB with this ability is pretty nice. Can't think of any use for Disorient (maybe for early phases on Inferno Belial encounter).

Level 30

Another nice aura that provides you with passive 3% AS bonus. I think it gives somewhere around 500 additional damage. Though it works only when Enchantress is alive, unlike Powered Armor.

If you disagree with something I wrote go ahead and point it out, I welcome some constructive criticism and your own opinions on the matter. I will try to keep this class compendium up to date and add stuff to it on the weekly, maybe even daily basis.

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