Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ChecKing out The Undermine Journal for Items

Try checking out The Undermine Journal for items like Tough Hunk of Bread, how to buy wow gold Tough Jerky, Refreshing Spring Water...
You'll have an idea of the impact on the economy and the number of people affected. It's...quite impressive
Woke up to having a massive amount of gold missing from this where to buy wow accounts. I use both the authenticator and sms protection as well. Very disappointed with Blizzard. They failed us. Have always said this, if bliz would go the way of iTunes and only use so many computers on the account, then none of this stuff would happen.  If your account bings back a different computer than the ones you have used, account is shut down automatic.  3 computers, no fuss, no mess.
Or be like me.  Only use a laptop to play.  Don't use it for anything else.  I don't even get on the internet on it.  Nothing but my virus, malware scanner, and wow.  Because bliz doesn't really care, if they did they would do that above.  But then they couldn't sale 2 million authenticators(last I heard).   Maybe this is there way of saying, you need to buy ours to be safe.  Because there are so many better options than authenticators.

 It's a game. It's bad enough I have to have an authenticator, but why should I have to go though the hassle of deauthorizing a computer after I sell or reinstall it? That's already a pain with iTunes, especially if I forget to do it before selling it.

Also, Authenticators are sold at a loss. Blizzard makes no profit from them.
 They do block an account when a new IP is used to log in. Of course, if your email account also got hacked, this amounts to nothing as they can just unblock it again. Sadly, if you have an auth attached, the IP block goes on reduced mode, rarely will it lock you out. All players so far have had the mobile auth. Someone I know had their account locked out once even with the authenticator on her account because she logged in from half way across the world. (US Player, buy wow account lives in England, tried to log in in Australia. Nope, Blizzard won't have any of that!)

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