Thursday, June 27, 2013

Founding GM, Padwanu Thunderhoof

 I can't speak for our founding GM, Padwanu Thunderhoof, I think Aubrey is probably pretty close to what Pad was thinking.
Thunderhoof has a family-feel to it, Cheapest WoW accounts and while our characters are from many different Shu'Halo tribes and lands, we come together, living and working as a family; looking out for each other, combining our skills to reach goals we couldn't do on our own, and just enjoying the company of each other.  
Whether or not that definition was what Pad had in mind when he chose 'clan', or if the term is as accurate as it could be, it is what is has come to mean within our guild.
I am Aovi Moonwatcher, Minster to the Herd--I see to the Clan's needs.  We invite anyone interested in living the Shu'Halo life to visit us over on The Venture Co!  Thunderhoof Clan! I totally have an alt in there! Or had maybe, it's been ages since I logged her in, but she was my first foray into the RP scene. Completing their Rite of Passage (or whatever it's called, like I said it's been a while) was really cool. It's more than just "Go here and do X," you get full-on screenshots and RP-style "quest" directions. And a lot of the time you end up with more intangible things like "help a newbie player" or "run through an old dungeon." WoW accounts for sale Loads of fun, and a really nice change-up from the grind I'd put myself through during most of Wrath. Good to see they're still doing well! 
If you completed your "Path to The Herd" then you should have made Clansman, which will keep your character on our roster.  We do cull pledges and initiates who haven't logged in for months, just to keep our roster lean.

It's always good when a wanderer returns to the bluff.

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