Friday, June 21, 2013

How to deal with Google's personalized search SEO impact

Google search results personalized treatment because of the huge number of searches for users concerned, Google they think the correlation no longer applies, because not anyone think that Google's search results are good is the best way to meet their own demand Diablo3 items. So, Google threw the burden of the user, allowing the user to decide what kind of results are most suitable for them. For SEO, this is a revolution, a revolution that may affect life and death. However, before the outbreak of the revolution, Google actually has been done secretly telling SEO prepared well in advance.
These, in fact, there is no point is the basic purpose with seo: to enhance search rankings to get traffic information, and access to these "ornamental" The purpose is to enhance the effectiveness of search results CTR. Real-time on Google Personalized XXX socialization of the search results page ranking is indeed no longer is the most important factor to buy d3 items andconsider, but one of the most. A stand-ranked get in home, or can skillfully deflected to the low ranking for high traffic. 
Finally, there is the most vulgar words, commonplace things - content is king. To determine the will of the user's personal search results ranking in Google search win, you need to provide adequate user satisfaction website content to ensure that your search results summary displays to attract users to click, while the corresponding web content that allows users to buy d3 gold remember your website, which recalled the next time when searching a good experience. Otherwise, the user dumped you and play like, is not laborious. Multi-user unknowingly clicks other sites, you'll disappear Liao ~ ~ 

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