Thursday, June 27, 2013

Being Scaled at the Same Rate

 It's fake progression, though, since your enemies are being scaled at the same rate you are. You're not being made any better equipped to deal with the challenges you need to face, at high PVP skill levels, you're just treading water, and gaining an exceptional unfair competetive advantage against other players which makes the game less engaging for both you and them.

There has to be a better system to let PVPers progress - cosmetics, pets, titles - maybe an expanded military rank system? New unlockable class abilities that are designed to allow alternative playstyles for your class without deliberately overpowering you? The solution would have to be creative, but it's not "escalate the arms race further". Giving the PVP superpowers more nukes isn't the answer.
Then isn't LFR > Normal > Heroic just fake progression? Where to sell World of Warcraft accounts  Stronger gear for stronger challenges?  And gaining gear to improve your success against your is that different from PVE?  

Sorry, but seriously, the whole suggestion still strikes me as little more than "I'd rather be playing PVE, so hurry up and give me my epics" except instead of immediately giving everybody the same gear, it is removed entirely.
"Then isn't LFR > Normal > Heroic just fake progression?"

No, because abilities, and sometimes fights change, between those tiers. PvP is always the same.
There is that progression, but they're fixed milestones. If you don't raid for a week they're not going to have gotten better behind your back.

The PVE gear system has its own issues (over-rewarding players who've proven they don't need the rewards as much, for one, but that's a shared issue with PVP as it stands) but they don't buff boss damage one month in to a raid tier - sometimes they do the opposite, even.

It's not saying "give me free epics" at all, it's saying "this game can be more engaging for everyone and increase the number of PVPers if we try not to make their game experience quite so hostile". There are plenty of examples of games of all kinds of genres, where to buy WoW accounts including MMOs, which prove that you don't need to be handing players better gear to compel them to play.

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