Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Normal MMO Gamer.

MMOs are not single player games period. wow gold for sell What Scalable raids do is simple.  If you have 12 people on for a 10 man raid you leave 2 people out in the wind.  With scalable raids you can now take as many people as you have online for the raid with a min and max number.  This is good for the normal MMO gamer.
There is no proof made that the harmful events are caused by the first event.
Of course, a subscription decline can also be attributed to several dozen other possible factors, or combination of many factors, with no outstanding evidence that any single one of them "caused" the decline.
It's a pretty safe argument, if you ignore that all virtually all veteran games begin declining beyond (some point X), regardless of developer efforts, regardless of further expansions, and regardless of "classic" reboots.
This is a smart move, and maybe something we will see on a wider scale in other games (not that many games have this kind of feature yet)

As for WoW loosing players.. buy cheap wow accounts. Show me any game that is as old as WoW that have not lost players... The only one i can think of is Eve.. But they are sort of the exception to the norm. It is also worth noting that WoW might have lost players... In fact they have by now lost a amount of players equal to most other non-f2p games entire player base... And they are still not really hurting for players.

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