Friday, June 21, 2013

The change to Sacred Shield of WOW

The change to Sacred Shield kinda sucks, cheapest world of warcraft gold but the current version, while not overpowered, is just too good not to take as a Ret Paladin.

Also, the Anti-Magic Zone change is, in my opinion, long overdue as the current version gets eaten up too quickly, but I feel like a 3 second duration is going to make it difficult to use properly.  I'd rather see it moved to a different tier or made baseline for one or all specs so that it can be adjusted independently of the other two talents.
 It'll still "display" a shield as if you had one equipped, although I'd like to know which one.  Hopefully there's a trick to using your current/mogged shield as the visual.
As a Warlcok, Blizzard has been toying with my emotions far too much. The changes to KJC I could deal with but don't you nerf my Demonic Gateway. Just walk away Blizzard. Go nerf mages or warriors or something, but leave my Gateway ALONE! 

But in all seriousness, I'm curious why they thought that ability needed such a drastic nerf, and if its because of PVP I feel like that ability could use the old "has a seperate effect in Areans and BG's" type of set up. 

 I don't think it'll affect you much. The fixate of a taunt is only a few seconds, which should basically be the time you spend kiting it to the tank. As long as you're not going all out on the mob, it shouldn't leave you with much threat, especially since the tank can also taunt for the 200% increase.

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