Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Proving Grounds Will Only Teach the Basics

You are correct the proving grounds will only teach the basics.  Working as intended.  But, it has nothing to do with the validity of dedicating resources to this feature over improvements to the leveling experience.  WoW accounts for sale You are now a characture of your own arguement.  You are right on the one hand (concerning the learning of basics) but, woefuly wrong in your reason for bringing your original arguement up in the first place.  There is no there ... there. The thing is that to teach the basics, is something that could be easily done while leveling, giving the proper challenge level and more a content designed to help teach those skills. But conveniently you choose to ignore that.  The current leveling system is just plain horrendous for teaching people how to play. The difficulty is just not there at all, you have skills that function dramatically different than how they work at max level (not mechanically, but in terms of damage and healing), and the enemies either don't live long enough to show off their mechanics to a meaningful degree or don't have mechanics to worry about in the first place.
Take leveling as a DK, for example. Blood boil and death siphon as a blood DK deal more damage than just about any of your other skills. You basically spam them non-stop because anything with pure weapon damage coefficients are broken below 80. Or take leveling as a druid or priest. Where to buy wow accounts You don't even need to be spec'd into a healing spec because abilities like PW:S and rejuv are so ridiculously overpowered that a remotely decent tank will never die while under their effects.
I understand that it wouldn't be appropriate to go back to vanilla style leveling with mana pools that died after a couple smites and the need to use CC on lots of pulls. But Blizzard should at least fix leveling skills so they're closer to how you'd use them at max level. It's silly that you have to relearn how to play the second you reach Cataclysm (and MoP) content.

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