Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ffxiv expansion isn't on Steam

what i said to jab is you need the steam version of arr to use the steam version of heavens ward lol. it does full suport updates. All versions of the game are fully supported. Just because the collector's edition isn't currently on Steam doesn't mean it won't be soon.

If the expansion comes out and it STILL isn't on Steam, then you have my permission to bitch about it. And why buy FFXIV Gil cant ps4 users get any of this yet?? I cant even get the digital collectors edition, let alone get on the benchmark and build a char cheap FFXIV Gil !!

 I want to play with the character creator on my PS4!!! Does the Au Ra character creator also have random name generators?  I5 4690k. Nvidia gtx titan. Dx11. 2560x1600 resolution gave me a score of 5300 even with ffxiv game itself and other programs running. You know we all want vierras Yoshiiiii !! Please Senpai Notice US ;____: anyhow good werk !!! -bows- already made my Au Ra and it will be the one my Elezen changes into!!

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