Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Final fantasy 15 is super great

Dear " Square Enix's " Final fantasy 15 is super great. But, without " VR " The wonderful scenery, and night scary and in cave dark challenges the could be profound experience is not there. Is a big jump from final fantasy 10 to here and now 15 and the progress is over whelming. But to set your self apart from any game ever. Or, should I say: final fantasy 15 is the only game in the world that actually need it's own platform to be play. You need Final fantasy 15 + VR experience = 's FFXIV Gil The big boy in town. thank you. It's called culling in the feast, as a way to cull the standstill.

Plus, they name it, they rule what goes. Grammar nazi fail. Always amusing. Ticket sales for the Fan Festival 2017 in Frankfurt live stream are now available! If you can't make it to the event but want to stay on top of the huge list of events and announcements planned for the Fan Fest, you can do so from the comfort of your home, and get the exclusive Yuna minion too!  Not worth the £30 price for the items. Even of you got both attires it would still be a push. The mog suit was infinitely better and cheaper too.  Agreed. 90 for 3 minions and a glamour. The content and just be watched elsewhere. I would quite like the Lulu minion. But that price is insane. Buy FFXIV Gil Pretty sure it was something like £15 back in 2014 for y mog suit and i can wear the pieces with anything. That was an investment, this is lunacy.

 The price includes being able to watch the stream as well. It's a decent price for all of that. Stream is released for free later. And £30 is not a decent price for a stream. That's like paying £30 for renting a movie online which will show up free shortly after. The money is for the in game extras. I mean you don't even get all 3 streams.  Really sucks we don't get a third glamour option. Otherwise why pay all that money for just a minion.... The information will be spammed over FB anyways. I would buy it, I would buy all of them but I already have Yuna costume and I dont wanna get 3 of them...Was it that hard to give us RIkus costume? I can wait for screen shots of the samurai class until 1 minute after they show it on stream. Thanks tho se.

Nope already wasted my money on that garbage you call ffxv will no longer give any more money to se.  I really wanted one of those fan bags but I can't afford that, prices of eBay are mad for the las Vegas ones. My last chance to get something out of this.... I'm glad I moved on from this kind of stuff...  Anyone know the where to buy the older streams? can I still purchase Japan stream? The last Fan Festival of our World Tour is just around the corner with merely three weeks to go! Confused by all the recent updates? Too much to remember? No worries - you can find all the recent updates in this handy dev blog article!

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