Wednesday, March 1, 2017

FFXIV Flying out tomorrow

Wonder if they will let us into part two of the final part of heavensward, and hoping to see the reveal of the 2nd stormblood class, this weekend should be good. Didn't they already confirm Red Mage, and Samurai? The schedule says the keynote is at 10am im assuming its 10am gmt which its like 5am est correct? 10:30am local time as far as I am aware which would be GMT+1 So i live est right so it would be live streaming at like 5am? Im aweful with time zones especially when its not listed on schedule. Cheap FFXIV Gil Are we gonna learn anything new about RDM? I'm so excited to see more. Would have bought the stream if I wasn't at Anime Milwaukee at the time.

 Can't wait to watch this live and finally get my in-game Yuna minion! I'd love to purchase this stream, but 30 dollars is a little rediculous. Flying out tomorrow can't wait for it.  I'd love to purchase this stream, but 30 dollars is a little rediculous. Can't wait to watch this live and finally get my in-game Yuna minion!   Kuplipo is overseeing the set-up of the venue! He keeps saying the Fan Fest is so close he can feel it in his pom!  You will deliver this moogle to my address immediately. What the other Kevin said. The main story quest of the first game is really 75 hours. Then you have heavensward to play through. Buy FFXIV Gil It's worth it for sure. Just be aware that in order to get to the expansions you have to play through the entire main story. Great story tho.

 Will there be extra spaces for Nobuo? :( So many people were @ work when mails were sent..  I have the same feeling here. I was on my way from work when I got the mail and didn't got a chance to get it. And on top of that they've send the emails 3 hours later, so people who even took a break @ work to check their email during noon, didn't even get a chance :s I didnt even get the email, my mate got it 4 hours later so we both didnt even get a look in, pretty unfair really... Next door at the maritim and already stupidly excited o/ get the tinglies every time we go outside and get faced with the festhalle. it seems my moogle has been going places lol.

Word of warning NEVER use the crysta system to purchase ANYTHING. They don't tell you at the check out that it's none refundable if you make a mistake you have to go look for it. I had to give up my job to become a carer for my very sick mother and two autistic brothers when my Dad left my Mum for another woman and with the last of my wage bought £50 worth of crysta to buy game time. I bought it on the wrong account and they would not give me the money back. I feel robbed! I have told everyone on all forum I am involved with what happened and advised them to NEVER EVER USE THE CRYSTA SYSTEM. I will NEVER play this game again. The customer service is really bad and it's criminal what they do.

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