Thursday, April 20, 2017

FFXIV Patch 3.57

I personally think the jump potions are a bad idea. If you jump directly to being able to do Stormblood(or if they add it later than that) people won't learn their class and be able to actually play(look what Palace of the Dead many fail tanks and healers; and yes, I do use PotD but only to finish off a level of I've done my daily roulettes)people have played since the beginning of 2.X and still dont know their classes. jump potions wont make it any worse......Cheap FFXIV Gil at least PotD got people out of their comfort zones to try other classes for better or for worse. given they are also revamping abilities in 4.X I think even veterans may have to relearn their classes as well. should be interesting to see.

For the record I would totally be on board with the jump potions. You lose players because nobody wants to play through every expansion and patch to get to the latest game. People don't have time, and if they want to experience it they can just go back. Or read wiki or watch YouTube. There are tons of ways to experience the story other than being forced to play through it.  If you had done any amount of research you'd have known that you needed to finish the 2.X stories to get into the 3.0 areas. What part of story focused do you not understand lol. You are just being lazy. Bet you are the cutscene skipping type of person. No matter what game it is. If you "don't have time" then an MMO isn't your game... If you don't want story, then Final Fantasy isn't your franchise.If you don't like either, I hear WoW is still going strong.

 I totally understand newer players not wanting to go through the 2.X grind. I really do. A friend of mine just had to go through it all again when she made a new account. It's a pain. FFXIV Gil That being said, I think it should only let them skip 2.X and not 3.X. 3.X is very small in quest size compared to 2.X. 3.X will still be relevant even at the start of Stormblood, unless the potion is dropped much later on in the expansion life cycle. Kristi Howell I agree that a lot of relearning will be done with the revamping of skills. And reorganizing of skill bars(BLM Thunder changes is the first to come to mind with it potrntially going from a three tier spell to just one that scales based on level), and it will throw some for a loop until they figure it out. I'm looking forward to being able to change things up, even though I don't really know healer, or most of the ranged DPS(I main DRG, BLM and DRK)

That's right, you gotta research expansion packs before you buy them now! It's a matter of respect, I'll never forget when star craft released its expansion and I couldn't play it before I completed the first. Or borderlands, or Diablo, or...

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