Tuesday, May 23, 2017

FFXIV heavensward collectors edition

Steam and PC occupy the same license voucher on mogstation but are distinct copies. you may have to make a new account to use steam.seriously? That's some la--Nevermind. Well, I guess I'll just have to not use steam!  Already preordered. The cost for the physical collector's edition is too much anyway. Hopefully it's bigger than that overpriced heavensward collectors edition. What a letdown that was.  thats awesome for the steam players! (im a non steam user but i support!)  If it's at least 4x bigger than the heavensward dragon (which was tiny as all hell) than it'd be worth. It's pretty standard as far as figures go, FFXIV Gil definitely not 4x bigger from what I've seen though haha. the collectors edition is way overprice and i better not get started on the statue...expertly crafter my a...hope they made this one better quality and bigger size for the people that are getting it(especially seeing the strange price increase).

 thats awesome for the steam players! (im a non steam user but i support!) Erick been holding off on preordering the Steam version. I guess there's no holding off now!  Pre ordered the physical ver (£180) I got the early access code but the only thing I see is the minion and the earring but I see no mount and the other stuff. Why is that?Buy FFXIV Gil because the minion and the earring and preorder bonuses. the mount is a collector's edition bonus. you won't get it until release. Wait, you got your minion and earrings already? No yet. its listed on rewards but nothing about the rest of bonuses.

 I mean... it's kinda cool that it happened, but what about us that already pre-ordered through Steam?  Nooooes ive already pre-ordered and now they bring out a box for steam T So wait r they adding a tank in sb because i heard samuria is a dps and dancer will b a helaer and red mage is a dps i havent heard of any tank class? And they already have problems with people not wanting to be tanks. They show dancer in the trailer lol or at least i assumed that was dancer and thats what everyone else assumes lol. No Dancer, the girl in the trailer is a Monk.

Dancer was purely speculation. She's just a Monk. There are only two jobs being added (Red Mage and Samurai) and they're both DPS. Just seems odd because now its gonna be damn near impossible to find a tank or a healer lol samurai needed to be tank and dancer needed to be added. They did it like this because they found it really difficult to properly make three classes at the same time with heavensward (which when you think of how much astrologian got patched after makes sense), so they decided to do two dps this time, since dps is the most played and they didnt want to upset the 3 tank and 3 healer balance that exists currently. Thats what Yoshida said at the fan festival anyways.

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