Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blade & Soul when will the official client will be release

Not every community is friendly fire. Most of the people that pvp alot will kill you on sight. Some are nice, some are dicks lol. Thank you so much, i so wanted to read about the Gems Blade and Soul Gold ! I've made multiple feedback notes on the last 3 betas, where should I submit it in the forums? General discussion or bug reports? General Discussion would be the best place for feedback and suggestions and Bug Report forum is for any bugs you may have encountered.
 Name Reservation begins on January 11, 2016 at 6pm PST For NA servers, and 7pm CET for our EU servers. *Gems and Transmutation allow you to further throw away all of your gold for no useful rewards. The one in the image doesn't even give you anything, you spend 1G and 4 Fabric, to get 1 Fabric in return... Don't you ever try this during progression, cheap Blade & Soul Gold only do when you have spares. Good spares.

Blade & Soul when will the official client will be release? or the CBT client will just get an update? This is my question as well, especially for those who did not participate in the CBTs. Fix your ingame low fps. The game sucks like this I dont have low fps, even in my laptop. Whats your PC specs? My computer got 980 gtx.i7 everything in it is new.  Majority of players have issues with Windows 10 because the game is not optimized for it yet.

The game is just not optimized, period, for any modern-day high end gaming rigs. It was created for low-end single-core computers from 2011 to be able to play it on a way outdated Direct 9, which doesn't fully take advantage of the powerful multi-core processors we have today. I doubt they'll fix the fps drops for us medium to high end users any time soon, but I agree 100% in dissatisfaction. Luckily I have no problems on BnS regarding any of the 3 latest windows OS (7, 8, 10), but I'd like to take advantage of my GTX 980 too... Gtx 980 here too with 2500K and 8GB ram , and when i go to the tree zone , where you take many pvp quests , i get low fps 40-50 fps tops .

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