Monday, December 7, 2015

There is plenty of people in the Oceanic/SEA region

im getting this 'Failed to connect to server.(200)' after starting the game .. some help would be nice .. thanks so far im enjoying the game a lot, but there is only one little tiny bitty thing i didn't like about the game, wardrobe for premium only? rly? every game i've played so far that have the wardrobe option its a freemium Buy Blade and Soul Gold ... not gonna give names other than wildstar, wich is also a NCsoft game and have a freemium wardrobe, i like the wardrobe feature a lot, and i dont mind spending money on store costumes, but if i have to spend money on costumes AND on premium jsut to store it its just too much...

I give you an example why we want it, have you wonder why there is no petition for tera sea/oceanic server ? There is plenty of people in the Oceanic/SEA region who play mmos. And there are plenty of companies which have servers set up here and are doing fine (get plenty of income) it is all about advertising correctly. People dont seem to realise how many indvidual places there are in the SEA regioin. SEA is a huge player base. They would make enough money for a profit easy.

All I want is an offical response and/or them to acknowldge the petition.... Blade & Soul Gold Since nothing but silence is disheartening and a big middle finger to the 5.5k people who have signed it.Teegan Brown Still no response from them with any real answer. I'm the one that created the petition. Miko Mangornong There is a big enough player-base in Oceania and SEA. Look at Smite they provided Australians with a server(s) on October 27th, 2014.  here is a big enough player-base to get into the eSports scene BNS Gold. At PAX Australia 2015 there was the Smite Oceania Pro League 2015. NCSoft must be blind to not see the possible potential of the game having a local server. Battle with otne of the best gamers in the world, in a game that no one from the rest of the world has played ever, and has no possible ways of doing so if you didn't pay o_o'' ........ Where's the link to the stream? grin emoticon  I think it's really cool that the eSports branche of B&S is going with this.

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