Tuesday, November 24, 2015

mantain your characters from a beta test

You can only safe your beta char. model design and you will get 3 day head start with founder pack.  we get like some special outfit for beta testing?. and btw those Unsealing Charm are WAY to Blade and Soul Gold expensive and hard to find. need some tweak, we should be able to just unseal stuff with money for unsealing stuff for upgrade. but purple stuff can be trade while seal, but need unsealing charm to unseal or something. other wise is pointless to get a really good purple weapon from dungeon and u cant even trade for the one you want or sell it to get the one you want. don't cry guys you all know that beta and alpha test progress won't be in public lunch...from first alpha test.

Kuroshi Yamiro, sometimes some games give you special items once open beta begins for participating in closed beta. So far, I haven't heard anything about it for this game, but they might. This is rather normal, most games does character wipes when going to live OB. being able to mantain your characters from a beta test is just stupid, its an insult to every new player because you get an unfair advantage and thats contributes directly to imbalance, and yes, ive been in the beta of this game too. Why is everyone surprised at this? If we kept everything, you guys would be the first ones complaining that there is nothing to do at cap, so stop complaining. All games start on equal footing no matter what. If you have put all so much time into it, then what are you worried about at launch? You aren't going to forget everything you've learned so quit complaining.

Are you guys serious Buy Blade and Soul Gold ? The information was openly posted about character progress in beta not being perm. In defense of that, not one BETA i have ever played carried over to open beta or full release. if you like the way your character looks best thing to do is screenshot it as a profile pic in game and save it that way when you create your new character you can use the presets that you used in beta without losing them. why some guys getting mad coz of my comment? dont need to act hard. I thought you get to keep 2 characters if you bought the starter pack ?

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