Tuesday, November 10, 2015

EA sports you are ripping players

Football genius? Sounds like a crap game. Learn how to use grammar, prick.  Gotta love the grammar police on Facebook lol like its a damn academic paper buy FIFA 16 coins . You know what I meant mister "Oxford comma English teacher w a concentration in Facebook grammar ". Not grammar police just a proper education you illiterate prick. Cry me a river Ben Olney . Suarez, pogba andmany other players scored goals like this one. You own fifa , you mean own a copy of a computer game.

 PES is for have fun with friends..FIFA is realistic football. Ben, i think you missed a comma in your most recent comment, just so you know smile emoticon. FIFA Realistic? Really? You must be living in different matrix than most of us.  EA SPORTS FIFA when are you guys updating kits, buy Aion Kinah including Barcelona's third (blue/aqua) and fourth (green), for consoles? Pay beautiful you mean ! Buying points to get packs and out of the 300 coins pack the best I got was a 79 player ! This was after getting three 300 packs ! Well done EA sports you are ripping players off even better than before. Who pays for this? Guys like you just gives a reason to ea sports don't care with the stupid gameplay they shows year after year. This microtransactions give them more money than the retail sells. So, this will continue year after year .

There is a one thing I dream for it from fifa 1999 to Fifa 2016 to make a new teams in rest of the world look like Ahly Egyption Sporting Club and Zamalek Egyption club ... this teams have a more fans than Orlando pirats and Kaizer chiefs and have a many leagues and cups.

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